Ex wife quickie

He had been building houses for 30 years.

Tony was 57. 5 11 Athletic build, short graying hair.

Julie 56 Tall blonde, short hair shoulder length. 5 10 Size 14D

Friday afternoon. Working on the top story of the two story house. 12 o’clock came was having lunch as he always did. He heard the car pull in. He looked out to see the familiar figure of his ex wife. He walked down the stairs to greet her.

Julie wore a black V neck short sleeved blouse, a red flared skirt mid thigh and black high heels. Her hair had been straightened.

” Hi ” he said ” What a surprise.”

” I was passing so I thought I’d see how Brian’s friends house was doing.” She said lifting her sun glasses up onto her head.

” Well come in ” he replied.

She had left him for Brian, now he was building a house for Brian’s friends, she had been having a affair with him for 6 months before Tony found out. That was 10 years ago now. Brian didn’t mind his wifes ex husband building the house. He preferred someone he knew.

” Looking good ” she said. ” Its a big house.”

” It is ” he said admiring his ex wifes legs. The woman he used to fuck.

For ten minutes they walked around the house, eventually making it up stairs.

” How is your husband ” Tony said. Tony never re married but preferred the casual side of sex now.

” Good ” she said.” He and his daughter are away this weekend. Business trip. ”

” So your home alone and decided to check out the house your ex husband is building for your husbands friends” Tony asked.

” Fuck me ” she said walking up to him. ” Here now ”

” Are you serious ?” He asked.

” Oh yes ” she said smiling ” I need it now, your the only one I want to fuck me at the moment. ”

” Julie” Tony said ” I’m flattered , but”

” Oh don’t be, it’s just sex I want no emotional connection, or we are getting back together, just a simple fuck, is that to much to ask from a man these days. ” she said wrapping her arms around his neck. Tony smelled her perfume his cock aroused in his shorts. ” Slight problem ” he said

” What ” he asked ” Your cock fall off ?”

” No ” he said ” I had sex before I came to work, so there is another woman on my cock “he said.

” So you haven’t showered” she replied.

” No ” he said.

” Good ” she replied before he knew it she was on her knees his shorts and underwear down. His hard cock in her mouth.

” Julia ” he said watching her suck his cock. ” Fuck”

Julia smiled as she sucked his knob stroking his shaft. She could taste the scent of another pussy on her ex husband’s cock.

” Who is this slut, do I know her ? ” she asked taking his cock out. He hesitated and smiled.

” Do I know her, who is the bitch fucking my ex husband.” She said.

” A friend ” He said.

” Tell me Tony.” She licked his shaft. ” Who ever she is she tastes nice.” She said.

” No shes just a friend ” he said.

” Just a friend who you have sex with” she replied

” Lets just say friends with benefits” he said.

” Its Patricia isn’t it ” she asked.

” Patricia, don’t be stupid.” He said

” I know, your fucking our sons Mother in law, cut the bullshit, Patricia told me I have lunch
with her once a week ” Julia said

” No one can find out” he said.

” How long has this been going on.” Julia asked.

” 6 months ” Tony said.

” Well ” she has been separated from that awful husband of hers for the last four months Julia said. ” I wont tell anybody ”

” Good ” Tony said.

” Her pussy tastes nice on your cock.” Julia said and went back to his cock sucking it. She stood up and kissed his lips he sat her on the pole of wall linings sitting on the floor she wrapped her legs around his hips, he lifted her skirt and pulled down her underwear revealing her wet moist pussy. She lay back as he licked her clit sliding his fingers inside her. He licked her pussy lips.

” Ten years since I had your pussy last ” he said.

” Fuckin make the most of it. This is the only time your been re acquainted with it ” she said. Tony licked it and sucked her juices, his fingers deep inside her. Admiring her pussy again, if only for a short moment.

” Fuck me ” She said. ” I don’t have much time.”

He stood guiding his cock into her thrusting deep in her pussy. She groaned as he fucked her, he undid her blouse pulling it open, she reached behind unclipping her bra, lifting it her size D breasts falling out he cupped them and caressed them sucking her nipples as he thrusted her pussy.

” Oh fuck Yes ” he said looking down watching his cock thrust his ex wifes pussy again. She lay back on her back legs open, Tony getting a good view of his ex wifes pussy, his cock riding in and out of her. They made love Tiny groaned as he slapped her, she slid a finger to her pussy rubbing her clit groaning as she orgasmed,

” Oh shit” She said as her body tensed Tony slapped harder, he shot cum up into her, filling her pussy with cum.

” Yes ” he said. ” Fuck yes” she lay and looked at his.

” Finished ” she said sitting up.

” Yes ” he said pulling out of her her skirt falling covering her pussy.

” Good I have a meeting in 25 minutes ” She slid her underwear back up as Tony dressed. She re clipped her bra and her blouse. ” Thank you ” she said. ” Your might get lucky in another ten years.” She said.

” How did you know about Patricia ?” Tony asked

” I’m a female” shes my friend going through a divorce. By the way she didn’t tell me.”

” What, ” he said.

” Your easy to get information out off” Julia said.

” So you let me fuck you to trick me into telling you” Tony asked

” I suppose yes ”

” You bitch ” he said

” Oh well, I got information, you got sex, win win ” She said kissing his lips. ” Seriously now Patricia is our secret ”

She left as Tony sat he couldn’t believe what had just happened. How did she know about Patricia.


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