The true incident with my sister

Hello everyone, I’m Naveen back with my story. By the by this is not a story, this happened to me couple of days before. As I said before I have a sister who is 3 years younger than me. Who has all parts at right place.

I just not to waste time I say what happened. My parents will go to work early in the morning and come after nine at night. From four am to nine pm me and my sister will be alone at home. I returned from college and put my phone to charge as my battery is almost dead. And went to speak with my street friends.

When I returned home I went to my sister room to fresh up as I use that bathroom only as it has western type seat for toilet. I saw my sister sleeping on the bed on the corner of the bed near the wall. She was wearing a white transparent shirt and a green color skirt. Her skirt was displaced and revealed her thighs she was wearing a headphone and listening to music at her mobile. I went near her to switch off the mobile as it was running when she sleep. Her mobile was near her waist. I went near her to switch off the music.

She immediately woke up and placed her skirt at right place and wrapped her boobs with her hands keeping on her shoulders. She asked why I’m there. I said I came now. And asked why I’m in towel. I said I’m going to bath. She said don’t lie then why I brought my hands to her waist. I said I took hand there to switch off the music. She asked then how her skirt is displaced. And asked what is my intention.

I said I just came to switch off mobile. I went inside the bathroom she went outside of the room. When I returned from shower she was talking to someone at phone I noticed and heard she said her friend name and she said that she escaped somehow. I went inside my room and watched a new released movie on my phone and came out of my room she was still speaking on phone.

Then my mother came to home and her phone ringed again my mom took the mobile and answered the call no one from that side spoke anything other than hello it was a boy voice. My mom went near my sister and she slapped my sister and said that she has warned her already for speaking with boys. Then the phone rang again my mother answered the call the same boy spoke he said, ” Hi darling how are you I tried so many times at evening your call was busy. I want to come to your home to watch your beauty can you give me a kiss now ease wear the transparent dress which you wore always as you look hot in that dress. ” Hearing this my mother slapped her and abused her as prostitute. She said he is her boyfriend my mother said then why he speak like that and how many boyfriends you have?

My sister got angry and said “your son is also as good you say he also watch porn. ” My mother asked “how you know that. “She said she saw my phone gallery. I went and said no. She said “don’t act. I know you watch porn. “My mother interrupted and said “he is not like you roaming with girls on bike. ”

My mother advised my sister and warned her again I went to sleep. Few days passed now no one is calling her and she also not going outside. One morning she woke up early and I went near her and spoke softly to her. She was wearing a tank top and a short which is at her thighs. I asked her why she told mom that day I watch porn. And asked how she know that. She told, ” Don’t try to talk to me, I know your intention, you trying to seduce me and you want me to fuck and make me as your whore. ” I asked her why she speaking like that she said that she saw porn videos on my phone which was about brother and sister and all videos are about forcing sister and fucking her.

I said, ” Sorry. I don’t mean you. ” She said that she know why I tried to do that day. I said really I came to switch off mobile. She told then one morning your hand was on my boobs when we both slept together and acted as sleeping. I said it may be sleep I didn’t do it intentionally. She asked me to promise on God that I never tried to seduce her or masturbate thinking her. I said I can’t. She told them all true, ” You tried to seduce me and fuck me and you masturbate thinking me. ”

I said I never had a thought of seducing her. She asked what about masturbating. I said that I spent my cum lots of time to masturbate thinking her. She said, ” This proves how cheap you are. I got angry and told her that even I saw her holding my cock at sleep and asked her promise that she hasn’t fingered thinking me.

She diverted the talk and walked I grabbed her hands and asked promise she said promise fastly. I said god won’t forgive her. She asked why. I said that I know that she’d fingering on thinking me. And I heard once when I’m at balcony she moaned my name when fingering. I said, ” If want to seduce you I got many chance to do that. When you saw me bathing and I saw you changing dress without knowing you were in. And even when you hugs me I felt your nipples were hard. And when you bend before me I saw your boobs as well as panty. And even when I hug you from behind I made to and from motions on your ass and above all now you are now showing me your boobs and thighs to me. I can force you even now. But I never want to do that to you. ”

She said sorry to me as she told my mom that I watch porn. I said ” it is nothing but you don’t go with other boys. They may try to enjoy you and leave you. As you have good figure boys will try to achieve you. So reduce that. It’s enough for me. If you want anything you ask me I give. Throw all the dirt from your heart. No boy is good who talk to you. If you want me to explain simply they are talking for your boobs and pussy and ass that’s all they want from you. I never say love is wrong but love good person. Not boys like this. ”

This is for all boys and girls it happened to me. Select a good partner for you. This is a real incident happened to me. You can think then why I’m adding sex stories that’s because all the characters are true in my story I want them to be with me in my bed but it cannot happen so I’m sharing as a story and cool down me.


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