Sex with office mate – Part 1

Hi friends

Am renuka from AndhraPradesh. Na life lo jarigina sex incident meetho share chesukovali anukunna. Anukokunda parichayam ayina office lo oka abbayitho jarigina sex gurinchi share chesukuntanu.

First let me introduce myself. Am 25 years female completed btech and working at Hyderabad in IT. Idi jarigi 5 years avtundi.

Nenu  24*7 working project so naku shifts untayi. Even weekend kuda untayi. Na skin colour not too fair not too dark. Its attractive color. My body measurements 34 28 38. Na back and my lips are my assets… Everyone will feel to kiss my lips. Antha baguntayi antaru andaru.

Coming to boy he is average height n weight. Ma parichayam chala casual ga jarigindhi. His name is akshay. One day we met in cab. Ma cab lo new ga vachadu. Inko abbayi akshayi ni introduc chesadu. One week regular ga same cab lo vachamu.

After week our shifts changed cab also changed. Okaroju nenu extra hours work chesa so cab clubbing akshay cab lo set chesaru. Appudu night 12 . Cab full ga undhi . Back seat lo nenu  akshay and inko ammayi undhi..ammayi chala healthu ga undhi so chala kastam ga adjust ayyi kurchunam.

Journey start avvagane i felr sleepy so i slept2. After 20mins suddenly i can feel his hands on my thighs . I thought he did in sleep. I felt some nervous and i adjusted properly. After some time he got down and while leaving he gave me smile and left.

Next week we both had same shifts so same cab. One day i got fever so i took leave. Still i don’t know how he got my number but he pinged me asked what happened etc.

Slowly messages started we used to  day n night. Late night messages calls. Only General talk. Okaroju cab lo full ga andaru unnaru. I just closed my eyes .Tight ga undhi no gap. tana hands na body ki baga tagilutunnayi. Nenu ee sari adjust chedukoledhu. Chala daggaraki jarigi kurchunna. Then he pressed my thigh. I opened and looked at him. He just smiled.

After going home i started chatting seriously ( but seriously i liked his touch) he said sorry. But next day he slowly he started conversation with romantically. I could not able to stop conversation because o really liked.

His romantic chat was really awesome. I used to enjoy lot. One day he sent his nude picture. I really shocked to see a nude picture in my phone. But i loved his penis. Its really strong. I loved it. He asked mine too but i denied.

Then he used to touch my boobs my waist my hands like that in cab. But we never went out. One day he asked me to come for lunch in ofc. So i went with him outside. He didn’t do anything but keep on looking at me.

While going to ofc in lift , we only 2 persons in lift. Suddenly he hugged me kissing on my neck n pressing my boobs. I am unable control myself he deeply kissed my lips. Na nadumuni pisekesadu. Nenu chala excite ayyanu. But lift open ayyindhi.ventane again he closed lift again he touched all my body parts and he hugged me. Tana pennis tho nannu baga press chesadu.

Aaroju nundi ma romantic chat sex chat ayyindhi. We used to start meeting outside and used to go to go to parks n movies.

Parks lo tanu nannu baga kiss chesevaadu boobs ni dress lopala hand petti press chese vaadu . Movie lo na pant lopala hand petti nannu rechagottevaadu.

Then one day we planned to meet at his friends house. I went to middle of distance from there he picked me in his car. Friend valla intlo evaru leru. That is apartment. So no one noticed us. We went inside house.

After going inside he went outside to bring food. I did bath and get ready in white saree he asked me to wear saree. I got ready like in white saree n light make up. He brought food he also went for bath. Tanu jasmine flowers techadu..pettukuni pelli kuthurila ready ayyanu.

Inka tini kasepu tv chusi bedroom ki vellipoyamu. Bedroom ki vellagane he hugged me tightly. Na nudumuni baga nokki kiss chesadu. We are standing at that time. Nannu wall ki nilabetti naku deeep kiss chesadu. Wall ki nannu baga press chesi na saree ni noval kindaki jaripi tana lips tho h hands tho touch chestu tempt chesadu.

Nenu chala excite avtunna. Tatvatha nanu bed pi padukobetti sex cheddama ani ne ear lo whisper chesadu. I said yes. He is too happy. Vachi na pakkana padukunadu. Na piki vachi face pina full ga kiss chestadu. Tarvatha neck pina kiss chesadu. Naku mattu ga anipistundhi

Tarvata na na nadumuni pedalatho nakestu na noval ni nalika tho touch chestu naku mood teppinchadu. Kindaki vellu na arikkallanu kiss chestu slow ga saree piki jaripi legs full ga touch chestu kiss chestu unnadu. Na thodalu chala bagunnayi annadu. Na thodalni chusi agaleka korikesadu.

Piki vachi naku deep ga lip lock chesadu. Lip lock chesti na madumu thodalu gillutu minurutu. Boobs press chesadu. I really loved it. Next slow ga na blouse n bra tesesadu. Na boobs pichi pichi ga kiss chestu press chesadu. Nannu full ga undress chesadu. Venakki tippi na neck na back kiss chesadu. Na seat bagubtayi kada so kissed them and gattiga korikesadu..

Inka na pooku pina hand vesadu. Nenu apesa. Then i grabbed and starred kising him, i unbuttoned his shirt n pant. Now he is in only underwear.

Ippudu tana pina nenu unnanu. Tanaki gattiga lip lock ichanu body antha head to toes varaku kiss chesanu. Tana nipples ni korikesanu. Tana pennnis ni notlo pettukuno baga cheekanu.

Tana modda baga gattiga ayyindhi. Tana skin ni kindaki ani notlo pettukunna . Shock kottina vadila ayipoyadu. Kally musukuni mulugutu enjoy chestunnafu. Inka gatti ga na notlo lopaliki tosadu. Ala fast ga na notitho chesanu 30 mins. Tarvata tanu tesesadu bayata out chesadu. Na notlo vaddu ani munde chat lo cheppina.

He went and cleaned his dick and brought some honey n ice cream from kitchen.

Ragane nannu malli gattiga hug chesukuni na lips pi honey raasi gattiga kiss chesafu ma lips ni jurresadu. Na nalikani tana notlo teesukuni nakesadu.

Tatvatha na pukulo tana fingers petti baga gelikadu. Abba naku mattu ekki nenu mulugutunna. Naku chala mattu ga undhi. Sudden ga na pukuni kiss chesadu. Na cunt ni baga cheekadu.. naku mattu ekkuva ayyindhi. Tanani inka chekamani tana head ni na puku ki press chesanu. Gattiga mulugutunna.

Na pukuni kinda nundi pini vataku nakutu unnadu. Na nadumu piki lepi na ass hole ni kiss chesadu. I was moaning with happiness, na cunt ni tanu kiss chese sariki out ayipoyanu he cleaned my pussy. Honey n ice cream vesi chala sepu nakesadu.

Next i begged him to come inside. Tana pennnis na notlo pettadu kasepatiki baga gattiga ayyindhi. I really enjoyed sucking his dick.

Then he entered into me. Wow entha bagundho. Tana pennis na body lopala i can feel it. Chala deep ga vellindhi. Tanu chala slow ga start chesi sudden ga fast chesadu. Tanu ala shots istu unte i was moaning n shouting with pleasure. Inka gattiga shots istu pleasure ichadu..

Tarvata nannu bed chivara laagi na legs baga spread chesi mallu chala sepu dengadu. Idaram out ayyamu.

10mins rest tesunamu. Mallu he started plauing with my  i am enjoying his touch. This time i thought to give more pleasure to him.

Tanu na pina padukuni full ga kiss chesadu. I went on him and started playing with his dick. Ippudu i started riding him, wow ippudu inka bagundhi naku. Tana modda poorthiga lopala varaku position lo chala enjoy chesanu. Then tanu nannu doggy position lo dengaadu. Tanu dengutu unte na body antha egurtu na boobs egurtu unnayi. I was full excited n he too excited na pukulo tana liquid padesadu.

Aaroju naku inka inka kavali anipinchindhi. Nenu hostel friend ki call chesi double shift ani cheppi night mottam denginchukunnam.

Appatike 7 memers tho naku sex alavatu undhi. But this one more memorable than others.

First time sex stroy posting. Give feedback please. If it is good I will share my other experiences.


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