After school

After school Jessica pulled me to the side.

“You’re still coming over right?”

I nodded with confirmation. We had been dating for 2 months and this was the first time I think we were going to get intimate.

Jessica pulled me into the house, her mouth immediately pressing against mine. I put my arm around her as my other arm slowly went around her hourglass waist. We were only teenagers, and boy we were horny. I unzipped her jean jacket as she took off my sweatshirt. Her bra was tightly wrapped around her breasts. My dick stuck out in my pants. She moaned seductively and grabbed my penis, still in my pants.


Jessica groaned and gasped as she kept bouncing on top of me, her breasts jumping up and down. Her hair violently jerked up. She kept moaning in ecstasy.

“Oh … yes… harder….”

My dick felt like it was going to explode. Jessica kept groaning and screaming my name. Her pussy violently jerked as she orgasmed.
Seconds later I exploded into her, my penis exploding as we both groaned in each other’s arms.


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