Our secret

He couldn’t contain himself. He was 16. He had never experienced women. He lived with his mother and step father. His father left when he was 5. Since then he had had many step fathers. His mum was now 40. Her birthday. She had many guests coming. Special age milestone she said why not celebrate … Continue reading Our secret



The small country railway station was quiet there was only a few passengers waiting for the last train which had been nicknamed the tortise train because it took a hour to get to the next station, some people also called it the ghost train as very few people used it. Sixteen year old Laura was … Continue reading Letting


I was driving through Arizona on my way from California to Texas. I am a 30 year old single male and am relocating to a better job in Texas. I had plenty of time to get there so I decided to drive the old Route 66 trail. I was passing through a smallish city, don’t … Continue reading Joan


I’m a self admitted pervert and pedophile. Just last week I dropped my son off at summer camp and I noticed a young teen girl I know from our church. I approached her and asked if I could help her, she looked lost. “My dad is supposed to pick me up but he is late … Continue reading Pervert