On Show

17 year old Steve was sitting in the cell of the top security young offenders centre, he was serving a five year sentence for beating up a shop keeper and so far had escaped from four other centres and was now in an escape proof centre. He had been told that that his girlfriend was here to see him and once he was processed he could see her. Steve was taken into a reception room where after paper work was completed he was told to strip naked which he duly did, he was then told that he would remain naked at all times while at the centre to stop him escaping. Steve was taken to a room his hands handcuffed behind his back, then told his girlfriend Cindy and her sister was here to see him, Steve said they cant see me like this and was told it was rules no clothes, he was then pushed through a door into a large room where he saw his 16 year old girlfriend Cindy and her sister Amy who was a few years younger, the girls both looked at Steve, Amy said ” wow look at his dick it is massive” Cindy told her if he gets a boner it is much bigger, Steve sat down at the table said to Cindy ” this aint right” Cindy told him you forget I seen your cock quite a few times and when Steve said ” she aint and she only a kid” Cindy smiled said ” well she has now” Cindy then told Steve she was now running the gang she also told him that is mate Colin was here and that she had been to see him so knew what it was like her, Steve looked at Cindy said   ” you knew I would be naked and you brought Amy. Cindy smiled and told Steve Amy had always wanted to see his cock so she brought her along so she could see it, Amy bent look under the table said ” never seen one as big as that” Cindy lowered the zip on her hoody showing Steve her naked boobs, Steve stared at them and felt his dick stiffen and soon it was fully erect, Amy said ” it is on the hard and it’s fat” Cindy said ” you don’t mind do you” Amy reached out held Steve’s dick and start to jerk him, Steve told Cindy to make her stop, but Cindy said ” no let her have fun” Amy carried on jerking Steve after a short while Steve said ” for fuck said stop” Amy carried on and Steve squirted in 4 spurts, Amy said ” yes he has fired his cum” 10 minutes later the girls left with Cindy telling Steve she would be back with some of the other girls. Outside Cindy and Amy got in the car that was waiting for them Cindy’s mate 17 year old Karen was waiting on the way home Karen said “did she have fun” Cindy told Karen yes she wanked him made him spunk up, when Karen asked how big his dick was Cindy told her that it was 10 inches hard and that he used a developer. That night at the gang hut Cindy stood looking at all the gang members who were standing naked, the younger girls admiring the older boys hard dicks and the young boys admiring the older girls boobs, Cindy smiled said ” let the fun start” and thought life will be better with out Steve here, she looked at Amy who was sucking a 16 year old boys dick, she felt fingers on her pussy lips looked down saw a boy from Amy’s class at school smiling up at her Cindy parted her legs so the boy could slide his fingers inside her wet love tunnel.