16 year old Tina was putting her coat away, Mark who was a couple of years younger than Tina was nervous, Tina was a girl with a reputation for being a hard nosed trouble maker and was now working in his house standing in for her mum who was sick, Mark was on his own sat on the sofa, Tina walked in hoovered the carpets, Mark saw the way her boobs bounced inside her tee shirt and guessed she was not wearing a bra, Tina bent to unplug the hoover as she did Mark saw the top of her bum over her baggy fitting jeans, when Tina returned after putting the hoover away she started washing down the radiators Mark saw her jeans had got a bit lower as she worked they got lower and was now showing half her bum as she worked they got lower and lower and soon the whole of her bum was showing, Tina stood pulled her jeans up went out came back with polish knelt started to polish the table Mark could see down her tee shirt and saw her boobs including her nipples, Mark was enjoying the view, Tina stood looked at him said ” where is the steps I got the lights to clean, Mark told her, Tina got them as she moved around her jeans started to slide again and soon Mark was getting another look at her bare bum, Mark got up went to get a drink as he returned to the room he saw Tina’s jeans had slid to her knees and he could see her shaven clit, Tina pulled her jeans up looked at Mark then went into the hall Mark could see her through the open door kneeling her bum on show, he went out said ” you may as well work naked your showing everything and went up stairs when he returned he saw Tina standing naked she said how’s that save’s you straining your eyes, Mark said nice very nice, Tina smiled said ” you want to fuck me to you” Mark nodded, Tina went in the lounge lay on the floor parted her legs said ” come on then, Mark stripped got between Tina’s legs and was soon pounding away into her after 5 minutes he felt her cum he pulled out squirted his cum up her body, they lay side by side for a few minutes Tina stood said ” I never had to work so hard to get fucked but it was worth it”  she then told him his ex had told her how good he was at fucking, Next day Tina’s best friend turned up to do the cleaning as she walked in Mark saw her pokies and smiled.