The weather was very hot residents of the small English village said the weather was well above boiling hot even during the night it was very hot, the local shop had run out of cold drinks, the village pub had almost run out beer, the sun was so hot that the roads had started to … Continue reading Unexpected


Coming Home

The residents of the English town were getting worried, Steve was a sixteen year old thug, he had terrorised the town for years, he was racist, homophobic violent out of control thug who nobody trusted, people stayed clear of him even his own family were not keen on him and when at fifteen he was … Continue reading Coming Home

Your Mine

The small English town had a very bad reputation for being crime ridden with car theft and racism being the most committed crimes, not many people visited the town and those who did never took their cars, Cindy was a sixteen year old racist thug who was well known for stealing cars and selling them … Continue reading Your Mine

Slave Boy

England had been ravished by a five year long civil war, a new government brought very strict harsh new laws which included bring back the death penalty and slavery, sixteen year old Steve was the leader of an outlaw gang living in the hills he had taken over leading the gang when his father who … Continue reading Slave Boy

The Odour

Residents of the small English town were woken from their sleep by the sound of  heavy drilling and they soon learnt that a water pipe in the street had burst and a council repair team were digging up the road to repair the burst pipe, it took the team four hours to complete the repair … Continue reading The Odour

The Occult

Steve was stood at the airport waiting to board his flight to India, his mum and twelve year old sister Amy were with him, to wave him off, Amy was happy that she would not be seeing her bully brother for two weeks after ten minutes Steve was boarding the plane with other kids from … Continue reading The Occult