Bro and sis fun

So, hope everyone here is on the same page, most people act like my stories are fake but they are NOT. My sister got to be very horny around age 16, she was letting me see her naked, it excited her she said. One night she asked me to sneak into her room, I did, she was naked, playing with her wet pussy, she told me to get naked, I did… and my o my, we learned how to do oral, we pleased each other all night. Her pussy was dripping wet, I ran my fingers toward her hot clit… she started moaning, as I inserted a finger inside her pussy and finger fucked her, then I got her up on her knees and fucked her doggy style and came inside her young pussy, since that night, it made me fall in love with the way it felt to be allowed to fuck my teen sister, we even let our mom join us… she watched us get naked and start playing with each other, next thing we know she was naked, had one leg in the air and she was using a electric vibrator on her pretty clit…… that really made us horny, I then climbed between moms legs to lick on her pretty, bald pussy, she was jizzing as I licked and sucked her clit, she squirted cum all over my face and in my mouth, I told her I wanted to have hot sex with her and she let me fuck her pussy ass and mouth too, I love incest….. it is the best orgasms ever.


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