Revenge tastes beautiful – 2

Hi my name’s Clare I’m 41, and this is my story on revenge on 2 girls who bullied from ten to I was 17. I’m tall slim 36 Dd tits long black hair. I have got revenge on the first bully by fucking her husband into an affair  ( her name was Kate ). She told him to save his marriage he had to sack me or she leave with kids, ( I was so proud how it worked out ). He reluctantly let me go, cost him a lot of money to do that. The trouble with revenge is once you got taste for it, it’s like a drug you can’t let go. The other girl ( lady now was 2 years younger than me, but an evil bitch ), at school she was the leader of the bullying, Kate just helped her. One time she got me in toilets give me good hiding then peed all over my body laughing, not happy with that stripped me naked and got lipstick and wrote slut on my tits and paraded in front school mates. She got her slapped for that one. How arrogant to find out she was vicar’s wife and lived in manse. I soon found out the sweet angel hadn’t changed that much, went through cleaners regularly ( they couldn’t handle her nasty cheek ) so I applied for the job. Went for the interview ( wow she looked great, short brown hair slim body, small tits, but pretty ). I met her she didn’t even recognize me ( a bonus I thought ) and had interview. My plan seemed to backfire as after 3 weeks nothing back. By the way her name was Joe ( stupid name for a girl I thought ), it turned out another girl got the job, but walked out after a week. I got phone call could I start, it was 3 days a week, ok thank you and started on the Monday. I was there at 9 and got to work scrubbing house. I worked hard for at least a month, she was abrupt at times but nothing I couldn’t handle. I knew she had a weakness, girls ( she was a bit of a pussy eater when she was younger ). I started to wear low tops and no bra so my big tits swung a lot. I noticed she was starting to watch me a lot or my tits. Then one day I put on tight leggings ( very transparent, you could see everything I mean everything ). Showed off my ass cheeks and from front my crack, forgot 2 say I didn’t wear any pants. I was on all fours cleaning floor when she came in room, hi you look nice, oh thank you,  making sure material was so tight when bent over she see literally every crack or hole. She sat down talked as I worked, then I put hand round to scratch my ass, right between cheeks, she was shocked, but transfixed on my body. Where’s your husband I said, oh he away out, ok I replied better go do bedroom. I left went upstairs, I could see she was watching me go upstairs. About ten minutes later she appeared in room, hi you ok. Yes just warm work it’s hot today I replied. Yes it is warm looking very uncomfortable. There was a silence then she said why don’t you take something off if that helps. I can’t I’m naked under this ( as if she didn’t know ). Oh ok, another silence then we both ladies off the world, no one will know. I looked at her, she nervous faced, mmm no one find out I said. I promise she jumped in. And your husband won’t catch me. No, encouraging me. Ok I stood up and stared straight at her, went to reach for my top then stopped. She stuttered it’d be ok. Then took her by surprise and pulled my leggings down exposing my shaved pussy and ass. She looked stunned, omg she muttered. I began cleaning making sure at every chance I open my legs and she could see my crack. Suddenly I felt her hand on my bum  stroking it, I made no effort to stop her, she jumped back I’m sorry. It’s ok I said, then removed top, now naked in front of her. I climbed onto her bed stared straight at her opened my legs and started to rub my pussy, slipping a finger inside myself, she was shocked so shocked she actually wet herself. I watched as pee ran down her legs and through her clothes. ( So pleased ) get naked I said. She started stripping, soon naked we were kissing. I sucked her small tits and fingered her hard  and then stared to eat her pussy, she screamed oh yes. Now my turn bitch I thought  lowering my pussy on her face, rubbing it hard over her then forcing her tongue inside me. I squirted all over her. Not happy with that I wanted them holes, I started to slide fingers inside her, 2 became 3 then four and then five, pushing my fist inside her I started to fist fuck her without mercy, she screamed but I wouldn’t stop to she cum, she lay there shattered. I stood up on top her opened my legs and peed all over her and her bed. I got up and dressed, was in bathroom and found a toy, dirty wee bitch I thought and went back in room. She was trying to get dressed, I walked over showed her what I found, she looked shocked, where we going to put this then I said, no please she said, wrong answer I replied, where you want it I said. In my pussy she said. Wrong answer I said where you want it. My ass. Where. My ass she screamed. I pushed her back on the bed ( which was wet ), dragged her clothes back off and fucked her ass with toy, we fucked for another hour, she didn’t hear her husband arrive back, I did. I grabbed her pushed her face between my legs and made her eat me, the toy still in her ass, the door opened and a very shocked vicar stood staring at us. I can explain she said. Can you I thought, I got dressed and as I walked past him I said your wife’s a dirty little whore and by the way anytime you want a ride my legs open day or night, and kissed him on the cheek, I smiled as I left satisfied.