Brother my lover

She was 16. She wore black school pants. A white short sleeved blouse her long black hair in a French plait. She was 5ft 9 Size 14 and attractive with a C Cup bust.

She got home parents were out. Her brother was home. He lived in the sleepout outside he was 25 and handsome. His tanned blonde completion attracted her to him.

He stepped out of the shower he dried and wrapped a towel around his body. He walked to the kitchen and poured a drink he heard Cara walk inside. She saw him and smiled. They talked. She admired his body. He made her horny but he was her brother. Shit she thought.

1 week later.

Her brother picked her up from school. They got home she went inside. He went to his sleepout. She had been thinking about it for a week now. She decided to do it. She walked to his sleepout and knocked on the door. He answered.
” Sis ” he said come in
” Thanks ” she said.
” What’s up ” he said. She knew he had a girlfriend he was fucking.
” I have a favour ” she said.
” Sure ” he said.
” It’s a bit left field ” she said.
” Ok ” Rich said.
” Well I have a boyfriend and not that experienced with guys. ” She said.
” Your all good ” he said ” What do you want to know ” he said.
” Well more want to do ” she said.
” Do ” he said.
” Well I want to have sex and nervous ” she said.
” Sex ” he said ” Are you sure ” Rich said.
” Yeh but I haven’t touched or used to. You know A penis. ” she said.
” Ok ” Rich said.
” Could I practice with you. ” she said.
” Have sex ” He said.
” No play with your penis. ”
” Cara ” he said.
They talked for a few minutes. Rich sat down and Cara sat next to him. She put her hand in his groin feeling his bulge.
” Bit nervous ” she said.
” It won’t bite ” he said
He slid his shorts and underwear off his hard cock springing out.
” Wow ” she said ” It’s big ” admiring his cock.
” Touch it ” he said.
She reached out stroking his shaft feeling it between her fingers. Rich looked down at his Sister playing with his cock. It was 8 inches with a circumcised knob. She caressed his balls and cock. He smiled at her watching her get used to his cock. She had a nice body. He felt fine her playing with his cock. Could he go further with her. She looked great in a bikini.
For the next few weeks she came around to play with his cock she practiced giving a blow job.
Today she stroked it licking around his knob and down his shaft. She played with his balls as she slid his shaft into her mouth sucking up and down his shaft.

Rich groaned as she sucked watching his sister suck his cock. She stroked it as she sucked spitting on his knob. She started to deep throat him gagging as she sucked deep down her throat. She tasted his precum licking it up and sucking. She knew his girlfriend would be jealous his sister sucking his cock.

After a few minutes she knew she wanted to do it. She walked him and sucked knowing it was going to happen. He cum filling her mouth with his juices. She licked and sucked him clean. She smiled at him.

” Your a natural ” he said
” Thanks ” she said.
” Your boyfriend will be lucky you sucking like that. ” he said.
” Haven’t decided yet ” she said.
” No ” Rich said.
” Enjoying sucking my brother off ” she said.

She cleaned up and went into the house. The taste of her brother’s on her lips..


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My name is Dee. Husband's name is Raymond. We are loving sharing our sexual experiences as we have had many. We have a open relationship and support each other in our sexual desires and wants and needs we love the opportunity to explore our sexual fantasy and share our experiences. Our Real Sex Stories and True storys and Wife stories and voyeur storys are true and actually happened to us. We like to push boundarys. Sex is ti be enjoyed