Jays new bitch – Part two

If you read the first part of this you’ll know the beginning of my story, if you haven’t I’ll give you a quick reminder. My story is about me (Niall) and my now Master (Jay). I became Jay’s bitch when he was barely 17, though young he was fit, muscular and had 9″ of amazing manhood, 4″ more than myself. The below picks up the day I submitted myself to Jay for the first time; it is about to get very sexual.

After signing my body to Jay there was a knock at the door, Jay opened a draw and pulled out what turned out to be a collar and leash. He grabbed me by the hair and put the collar around my neck, ‘This is on you whenever we are together without the family, as per the contract.’ He stood up with the leash in hand and pulled me to the corner of the room, ‘When I get back you will be on your knees, the joggers gone, the ankle socks can stay. What do you say?’ I looked up past Jays tight boxers and into my masters eyes, ‘Yes sir.’ He walked out of the room and I followed my orders.

Within seconds Jay was back but he was not alone, behind him on her hands and knees with an identical leash was a girl; he placed her a few feet from me. Long blonde hair, around 5’5, small tits, big butt and 16 years old as well, her name was Tilly. ‘This is my newest bitch, he’s going to see how things work.’ Jay said with a smirk. ‘Tilly, get on the bed, on your back with your head hanging off.’ Tilly did as she was told, what I saw next turned me on so much. Jay began to fuck her face, within seconds it was covered in her own spit, he got faster as he fucked her and with one last thrust he went balls deep down her throat. After a few seconds he let out a moan and she gagged, as he pulled out she spat all over her eyes and in her hair; truly a mess. Jay grabbed her by the hair and flipped her over, her big ass now spread mid air, he spat on her pussy and pushed himself slowly in. She let out a short scream as he went deeper and moaned ‘Thank you sir’ several times as he started to pound her.

All I could do was kneel and watch, my cock was rock hard and I wanted so desperately to be involved but I knew I couldn’t unless told to. It felt like an eternity, watching Master Jay fuck one of his other sluts instead of me, her mouth to her pussy and back to her throat, over and over again. Finally he pulled Tilly to her knees where she immediately opened her mouth, well trained indeed, and Jay exploded. Every drop went into her mouth, when he had finished she swallowed it all. Jay turned to me and said, ‘That was just a brief taste of what will happen to you, it gets much more humiliating. But for now, I think I’ve teased you enough, off you go.’ He sent me to my girlfriends room where I stayed for a couple of hours.

I was sitting on the bed when Jay came in, he was wearing just his socks. ‘Kneel bitch.’ I jumped down and knelt before him. His cock was hard, my mouth was open, he spat on my face and then it began. His cock was in my mouth, I had seen Tilly behind him briefly but I didn’t realise what she was doing until he told me to get on my back on the bed with my head hanging off. Tilly had a camera, she was filming me! I couldn’t say anything because Jay went straight to fucking my face like he did Tilly’s. Now it was my eyes watering, my face and hair covered in spit, I was finally Jays sex slave.

Jay was balls deep in my mouth, his balls slapping my eyes as he thrust, spit was leaving my mouth whenever it could; I looked such a mess. I could hear myself gagging but what I could hear most was Jay, he was calling me names, telling me how he owned me. After a while he tugged on my leash and put me back on the floor, he sat on the bed with his legs hanging over. ‘Worship my feet bitch.’ I quickly fell to his feet, I was still trying to catch my breath but I managed to pull one sock off with my teeth. I kissed the top of his foot then went to his toes, sucking on them one by one then putting them all in my mouth at once and gagging. He grabbed my hair, spat on his foot and told me to lick in up; naturally I did so. After a similar thing with his other foot he put me on the bed doggy style and stood behind me. ‘Tilly, go round to his face, I want everyone to know what he is.’ Jay ordered his other bitch. When she had the camera infant of my face he spanked my ass and pulled my hair, ‘Well, go on slut!’ I didn’t know who would see this at the time but I did as I was told, ‘I’m a filthy whore’ I said but this wasn’t good enough, he pulled my hair harder. ‘I’m a dirty bitch. I, I, I’m only good for pleasing cock. I worship Master Jays feet and serve his cock. I’m a cum drinking whore who does as sir tells me.’ I felt so turned on as I said it, it was all true. Jay started to lube up me ass, or as he calls it, my pussy, and said ‘That’s right slut, I do own you, but don’t you worry, you’ll have others to serve very soon.’ Others? There would be more! As the thought processed I felt it happen, Jay pushed his cock slowly into my ass. I’d had strap ons in me many times but this felt so much better. I groaned loudly, ‘Oh sir’, to my surprise my ass didn’t hesitate but instead let Jay push in 5 to 6 inches. The next 3 to 4 took a little work but happened much quicker than I could ever have expected, suddenly I had 9″ of cock in my man pussy. 17 year old Jay was balls deep in my 21 year old ass and I was totally at his mercy.

‘Take it all you little bitch, scream for me, shout my name whore, tell me what you are’ Jay told me in that tone that told me he was so rough as he pounded my ass. ‘Fuck me sir, use my tight pussy please Jay. Jay!’ I yelled, ‘I’m your slutty cum dumpster sir, Jays cock serving fag!’ My small cock was even smaller with him inside me, he made sure he pointed that out to me and the camera, he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back while he fucked me, occasionally spitting on my face. He choked me when he would go balls deep and hold it in me, lubing me up with spit and sometimes lube. He forced me into different positions, for some time he had me upside down on the floor (on my back/neck) while he would lower himself into my ass. This made it easy for him so spit straight onto my face and into my mouth, I’d never felt so humiliated, until the next time he used me anyway.

After what turned out to be about an hour and a half Jay got me up on my knees, stood directly over my whore face and positioned Tilly to the side. I looked into his eyes and before he told me too I said, ‘Please sir, please cum in my mouth. I’m your slutty cum dumpster master Jay, use me as such sir.’ I opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue to make sure I wouldn’t miss any and watched as he finished  straight into my mouth. His load was just as big as earlier, filling my mouth, I didn’t swallow yet but waited to show him how much I love his cum. ‘Show everyone watching your first load then swallow it bitch’ Jay said to me. I turned to the camera and showed his warm cum before swallowing it in one big gulp. ‘Thank you Master Jay’ I said and licked my lips. He took the camera from Tilly then grabbed her leash and left the room only saying ‘Good start, be ready for what’s to come.’ ‘Yes sir.’ I said as they left, I collapsed on the bed as my shaking legs gave way.

When my girlfriend got home later that day I hid Master Jays collar but didn’t shower, I wanted to feel him all night. She even asked what I had eaten when she kissed me. I left for my house but not before making sure Jay had my number so he could contact me anytime he wanted. It took only moments for his first message, a link to a chat group, I opened it to find around 50 names, most male but several female. The group was called ‘Jays bitches’ and in his second message he explained all the members were either his slaves or friends with access to his slaves; I was one of many. The group was mostly chat, degrading us slaves who were not allowed to type but also videos of the sessions, mine was not yet up, apparently I would be introduced to the group in person.