Fictional. Madeline headed out the stable door. Carlos had her ride all ready to do. She smiled at him as he handed her the reins. ” All ready Ms Emmett ” Carlos said. ” Oh cut the formal bullshit ” she said smiling at Carlos. ” Call me Maddy, all my friends do.” ” Your … Continue reading Maddy

Crazy love

Marie pulled up to the hotel foyer. She picked up her phone from the hands free cradle on the console. She checked her messages. One missed call. Her husband. She opened the door of her BMW Convertible. A birthday present from her stock broker husband. She opened the door off her car. The hotel concierge … Continue reading Crazy love

Love story

One evening when I was cooking food he hugged me from back and slid his hands under my tops and circled with his fingers on my navel and pulled my t-shirt from my left shoulder and bit on my neck holding my waist with both his hands. Then he turned me facing him, kissed me on … Continue reading Love story