Kim was out on her own doing her Christmas shopping at the local shopping centre where there were lots of goods reduced  in price. Kim went into one of the shops that had half price signs on many items, after looking round the shop for awhile Kim selected a pair of jean that had been marked as half price and headed to the changing room to try them on, she got to the changing room which was a large room with out cubicles just benches round the edges of the room, as she went in Kim saw Tina and Amy leaving she knew both girls were from her school and at 16 years old were a couple of years older than what she was, Kim also knew that both girls had a reputation for being trouble makers and fighters. Kim went in saw Sally her neighbour who was a couple of years younger than what she was, Kim smiled when she saw Sally had no top on showing off her developing boobs, Sally looked at Kim said ” I’m sure your a lesbian” Kim replied ” I am a lesbian and I can see your cute little tits” Sally did not say anything tried a jumper on before changing back into her tee shirt and leaving, after trying on her jeans Kim went to carry on with her shopping saw Sally by the emergency exit door that lead onto the fire escape, Sally was just going through it as she did she looked at Kim wriggled her bum and smiled,  Kim waited then walked over to the door went up one flight and got a surprise Sally was sat with her jeans round her ankles her legs apart showing her clit and her tee shirt over her head her developing boobs with erect nipples on show, Sally said ” what you looking at lesbi” Kim stepped forward rubbed Sally’s boob saying ” these” and this ” as she rubbed Sally’s slit feeling it was moist, Kim knelt and pushed her tongue into Sally’s love tube then started licking and pushing her tongue into the now wet love tube, after 5 minutes Kim felt Sally climax, she stood up wiped her mouth, Sally stood pulled her jeans up lowered her tee shirt said ” you are a lesbian ” and walked away slapping Sally’s bum as she did. Sally went up to the next floor and saw Amy and Tina who were blocking the door, Tina looked at Kim told her they had seen what she had done to Sally, Amy pointed at Kim’s boobs said” look at those pokies bet she aint wearing a bra ” the 2 girls stepped forward pushed Kim against the wall, Sally waited for the hits to land and was totally surprised when Tina and Amy pushed a hand under and up her tee shirt and cupped a naked boob each, They then pulled her tee shirt up, Amy said ” knew she was bra less” and started sucking Sally’s erect nipples she felt her jeans slide down and Tina’s tongue start to explore her slit.