New Year Eve In Goa Was Damn Exciting

I was a virgin before the new year eve of 2016. I am 19 and from Delhi, an average boy with decency outside and naughtiness inside 😉

Like everyone dreaming about going to Goa on New Year, I was quite lucky to go on a trip to Goa on New Year with one of my friend and his friends. I am the horny person watching porn and stuff on daily basis, so visiting the beach and seeing hot girls was making me wild. on the very 1st day in Goa, i went to a club where girls used to dance with you if you pay them. Thinking of that made me hard for days and even I had a wet dream about it so now you can think how horny I was by 31st night.

On the 31st night, we all went to Anjuna Beach to party. Thereafter few drinks, I was bit high and saw a couple. That couple was damn high. The girl was dancing and showing her curves, taking selfies and whatnot. I was sitting near them and was watching her. She was short but had great boobs and ass and that aroused me and made me hard.
While dancing she stumbled and then her boyfriend hold her one hand and as I was watching she offered me her other hand and asked for help. I was happy to help her. I hold her and pick her up as her boyfriend was already high. She then came close very close to me and said thanks. I don’t know from where I got the courage but instead of saying ‘it’s okay’ or something, I said “do you need any other help?” and winked at her.
Maybe it was my lucky day or she saw my bulge. She touched my cock over my jeans and said “maybe yes”. Being a virgin that made me super hard and I just want to jack off or start fucking that moment.itself. But then she came close to my ear and said will be back here in 5 mins and she left.

In that 5 mins, I went to my friend and asked for the condom from him as he always keeps it and came back at the same place. There I waited for some 15-20 mins but I couldn’t see her so I got disappointed and started to move towards my friend but then from somewhere she came in front of me and came close, touched my cock and said where are you going in my ear with a naughty smile. 😉 That made me hard but instead I asked her the reason for getting late and she told me that she need to leave her boyfriend with the other friends so that took time. I said ‘OKAY” and asked her to not start there as people were around us and I have never done anything before. So we left the club to find a silent place. It is difficult to find a silent place in Goa that too on new year eve but somehow we managed to find a place and there my dream came true.

We both were high and horny. this was all new to me but still, I was wild. I started to kiss her. It was an intense kiss, both of us sucking lower lip, pushing tongue in each others mouth, sucking tongue biting lips.. mm that too intense for me.

She was creasing my cock and I was pressing her boobs will kissing and the best part was we both were on the beach. I later realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were hard by now, then I squeezed her nipples and she bites my lip. that was hurting but arousing on the same hand. I started kissing her like a passionate lover on her neck and then I removed her top and slapped those boobs and put my face in between that. AHhh it felt like heaven, she holds my face there and I fucking enjoyed that. Later I sucked her nipples, bite them and tickled them with my tongue. Something made her wild and she asked me to take out my cock out and started to unzip me and unbuttoned my jeans. Soon my dick was in her mouth and that was in whole a different feeling. Fuck I could feel a boner right now writing about that day. She sucked my cock and as it was my 1st time I couldn’t hold for long and cummed on her boobs. Then it’s time for me to give her pleasure. I removed her panty and started to give her pussy a slow massage. I could feel the wetness of her pussy. I was new but still, because of porn and sex chats and phone sex, I somewhat knew what to do.

I massaged that pussy, spit on the pussy and then massage it again then I wanted to taste the pussy so I started to tickle the clits with my tongue. I licked the pussy. After that, I started to insert my finger in slowly and then out slowly. She was moaning loud. Then I started to insert a bit faster and increased my pace gradually. Faster in and out; in and out; in and out; ahhh it was a great feeling for her. I was hard again and this time I wanted to fuck her but to my bad luck, more people were on the beach now and it was difficult for us to keep going so we wrapped up things. She gave me a blowjob and planted a kiss on my dick. She made me cum twice. And then we exchanged numbers and bid bye.

Ops did I say in the starting that I lost my virginity? I was wrong 🙁 I am still virgin and quite desperate after this incident.
Thanks for the reading time to masturbate now. (I am hard) 😉


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