Groped cousin in front of family

Hello guys, this is Rohan(name changed) from Bangalore here, this is my first story on NSS and 100% real, hope you people will like it, zyada bore na karte hue lets go to story.

I had gone to Mumbai to do one of the IT course for my career, there I use to live with my relatives, there my cousin had come to stay for couple of days, I was seeing her after almost 10-12 years, so we had usual chat and all, now just to tell you some thing about me, I am shy guy, I take time to get use to someone, unless its someone from my family, I am a normal guy and a little chubby, and my cousin her name is sweety (name changed) she has a dusky complexion, not too big boobs but normal size, easy to raise dicks, stats like 30-28-30.

I don’t know how to read girl hints, she was literally throwing hints at me but I was dumb that I didn’t understand. so what happened is it was august, rakshabandhan time, here was the first hint she gave me, everyone had come to our house like a typical festival is celebrated in India, there sweety’s mom told me to tie rakhi from her, this was odd, I was thinking like I have never tie rakhi from her why suddenly, but it was fine, as I didn’t had any sexual or bad thoughts against her so I went for it. you all know the process right, sister will put tilak on brother’s head, than she will tie rakhi than we share sweets, now while I was giving her sweets she hold my fingers in her mouth for like 2 seconds, I pulled it back and though I would have made some mistake and I was dumb enough not to understand that which later I got to know that she was giving me hints.

The next incident happened when all other kids had come to our house to play, I was playing with them, sweety was there too, now these are small kids, they was jumping on my back and sweety was finding ways to touch me, sometimes she would touch me on my shoulder, sometimes on stomach, I thought she is also playing but no she was touching my stomach playfully like others will think we are playing but actually it was a sexual touch, I got this hint and thought of doing something.

Now it was evening time, everyone was doing something or the other, and most of the people had gone out, and in house there were me, sweety and some other relative, there was one room that was in the end vacant, so I told sweety lets go watch some movie on my laptop, she happily agreed, now we were sitting on chairs close to each other, like no one can see legs down from anywhere because the table was covered where we had kept laptop. I asked her what she wanted to see, she said anything would do, and she started talking about the fun she had sometime back,yes the touching incident. so again she pressed a finger on my stomach again, I thought no one is playing now, why she is touching again, now I also put finger on her stomach the same way she was doing, she didn’t say anything, I was looking away and doing it.

While doing this, mistakenly I pressed my finger in her left boob, it felt awesome, I had touched boobs for the first time there, the best part about that is, she didn’t say anything and kept on pressing me, now my dirty mind started working and this time I groped her left boob completely, she sighed and moaned a little. so I got all the courage and started pressing those beautiful boobs, I tried putting my hands inside her shirt but she didn’t allow as the door was open and anyone can come in, eventually we had to get to normal as someone came in and started talking.

From now on we would touch and grope each other where ever and anywhere we can. the other day our whole family went for dinner, I was sitting facing sweety obviously :), that day she had wore a a grey dress which was just above her knees, I was teasing her by caressing her naked leg with my shoe, she was getting hot, which it was clearly visible from her face expression, someone convinced my other cousin who was sitting next to sweety to switch seats, now I was next to her, I touched her bare naked thigh with my whole hand, instantly I had a hard on, which she even saw and smiled back, but she was very protective as we were in public place and our whole family was there in front of us. obviously this was happening under table and we were very cautious about this. the restaurant had a buffey so everyone was taking food according to their preferences, and me and sweety went out of the restaurant and back in a ally where no one could see us, leaving no time I started kissing her and touch her boobs and smooching, suddenly her phone rang it was her dad and they were looking for her, so we went back up to the restaurant.

We took our food and again sat next to each other. now I was holding her thigh and caressing it, just feeling it up and down, I though of taking a bold step, slowly I slid up my hand and touched her pussy, she closed her legs and let out a moan, which everyone heard and started seeing us, I took my hand off and acted normal and to ease the situation she started coughing so that others don’t think of something else. after we were done with dinner, everyone started taking selfies and all, while me and sweety were taking selfie I groped her ass from behind, luckily no one saw. it was so soft I couldn’t tell.

So guys this is first part, please share your feedback, based on that I will be sharing part 2 of this where me and sweety had hot romance and best sex. thank you
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