First time sex with Vanitha aunty..

Readers this is my first story, I like to read sex stories after reading even I wanted to share my experience..
If any mistakes please forgive…
I’m Kushal m 21 years old, m from Bangalore we live in a 3 floor building in ground floor, Coming to the story it happened in 2015.
When I was 18 years old, the heroine of the story is my sexy tenant Vanitha aunty, she was very sexy looking.. Basically she is from Andra they were 3 members in their family, husband wife and son
Son was studying 10th standard and husband was carpenter he used to go out of station on work for one week or 15 days and he used to come once in 15 days and son used to go school and come back in evening..
Now let me tell about Vanitha. Her age was 27 and sexy looking she has curvy body boobs are average and her ass was the attracting point very big ass her structure was 30-28-34 she always use to wear nighty at home.. We used to talk daily like friends she used to be frank and very close to me..
Coming to me m average build body used go to gym and height was 6ft and my dick size was 6.5inch.
Coming to the story I had a separate room on terras, aunty used to come on terras to dry the clothes and go it was normal. One day she came to dry the clothes ob terras I was in room it was summer time so I used to remove my clothes and sleep naked in room.. Suddenly she called me by knocking the door I was sleeping naked I wore my inner and track pant and opened the door, she asked me to call her husband she don’t have balance in her mobile I gave her after some time she came and returned phone and gave smile I didn’t understand y she gave smile.. Later I knew she saw my text message from my gf, we used to chat about sex and all.
Later that evening she came to take clothes on terras I was sitting outside on stairs she came next to me and sat and asked hows life going and all I replied well and good after sometime she asked about my gf I said I don’t have gf, she smiled and said I have seen your chat then she asked you have done sex with her and all.. I said yeah but she is not much in sex she wont satisfy me, she asked how many times have you done sex, I said weekly once, then she got naughty and said weekly once your doing and not satisfied uhh.. My husband has forgot about sex life only, every time he’ll be in work.
I asked why aunty you have good figure then also uncle wont do uhh. She replied no.. I thought uncle is lucky to have you..
She asked me in low voice why lucky, I said frankly after seeing your back no man will miss chance to fuck it.. If I would have been in uncle’s place I would have cracked it..
Aunty in low voice ohh you have that much power and started to laugh
Me: really
She: okay,
Me: okay means?
She: how would you crack..
Me: let me show you ahh
She: no now I don’t have time lets c later.
Me: what aunty
She: I want to go home son will come from school
Me: okay at least tomorrow.
She: okay
I was waiting eagerly to fuck aunty asshole..
Finally the day came came around 11 to terras and she was looking surrounding if any other people are seeing after that she called me I said door is open come inside and sit aunty I’m bating ill come in 5 min she was sitting on my bed.. I came out wrapping towel to my waist.. She saw me and gave me a naughty smile. I went and locked the door and wiping my body, and went near aunty and made her to stand and started hugging and kissing her lips, head, chicks, and all she was very excited she started co-operating to lips kiss
I started to press her boobs in one hand and ass chicks in other hand she was moaning uhhh… Mmmmm. I removed her nighty now she was in her black bra and panty.. I pulled her bra down and stated to squeeze her boobs and her nipple was erotic started to suck she was moaning loudly uhhhu… Ahhhhh… Mmmmmm. Alane cheiii ( do more )
I pushed her to bed and started kissing all over the body. She removed my towel and holding my penis which was fully erect like iron rod after seeing my penis she said ammo entha pedhadha ( yours so big ) then I removed her panty her hairy pussy was oozing her juice.
I made her to sit and said to suck my dick she done she was good sucker she sucked for 5mins, and then I started to lick her pussy.. For 5mins she was moaning uhhhhh…. Ahhh…… Ohhhh inka cheii inka cheiiii.. ( Do more come on more and more ) she had her first organism
Then I made her to sleep on bed and her two legs wide opened I came in between her legs and slapped her pussy with my dick.. And stared rubbing her hairy pussy,
She: I can’t wait anymore please don’t tease fuck me..
I kept my penis in position in entrance of her cunt and gave small stroke slowly entered her pussy, her juice were coming out so it was easy to enter her pussy.. Then I started to move in and out.. She was moaning uhhhhhhhh.. Ahhhh….. Uhhhhhhhh baga dengu naa pukni ( fuck my pussy ) I fucked her for 15 min she was saying your gf is lucky you didn’t come till now.. My husband use to come for 5mins only.. I was fucking her hardly uhhhhh ahhhh ohhhh my god her pussy was like good tight surrounding my thick dick… I was and awesome movement I was I heaven.. Then I said I’m cumming she said cum in my pussy after 2-3 hard strokes I shoot cum in her cunt and slept on her.. And sucking her boobs, she got up and sat and started to suck my dick after 5mins again my dick got erect she was playing with it and made it hard again.. I said I want to fuck her asshole.. She was ready to take it but her ass was so tight because uncle has not fucked her ass till now.. I made her to turn back I came to her back and placed my dick on her ass entrance and moved in but couldn’t go in aunty was saying noo its too tight its going to pain I said wait and brought oil and applied on her ass and some on my penis and fingers… First I fingered her ass slowly she was moaning hardly oyhh devuudaaa ( oh god )
Then I kept my dick and started to enter slowly inch by inch she was screaming no plzzz remove it out noo its paining noo remove..
I said wait aunty you’ll enjoy… Finally I entered her hole she was crying out of pain ayoooo uhhhhh hmmmmm ahhhhhh devuudaaa ahhhhh uhhhhhh…. Slowly I moved in and out after some time she was relaxed and saying inka dengu baga dengu eroju guddha chinigi povalli dengu inka dengu ( fuck hard hard tear my ass ).. Finally I cummed in her asshole for 10 min…. We both settled on bed rolling on each other and kissing romantically like lovers.. I took her to bath room and v took bath together v were hugging and applying soap on one another playing…
This is how we fucked for first time… And from that day whenever she comes to terras we would be hugging and kissing…
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