Nina is walking on the grass in our house backyard. She is wearing a sleeveless frock upto her knees length. Looking at her from my room through open window, I can see her breasts as well as round shaped ass swinging, she is walking fast on grass with her nude legs. Now I left my room and came to backyard. Now I started walking with her on grass, wearing a bermuda and t’shirt while holding her wrist. In the end of backyard and in dark, I hold Nina in my arms and started kissing her face and lips. She is trying to push me back showing her resistance but I have hold her tightly and her breasts are pressing on my chest..

Nina reluctance changed into love and she started kissing my lips as well as face while my hands are inside her frock, wearing a G string panty have not covered her ass and Nina pushed her tongue in my mouth and while sucking it, I am rubbing my palm on her round shaped ass. Its a dark evening and light is blurring our eyes but our love is in process and I left her tongue out of my mouth. Looking at Nina, I hold her breast and while massaging it, I said…… “Nina I was watching your walk from my room and your moving ass and breasts have made me hot.

(Nina) sure we are away for weeks and need it desperately. ” She is standing on grass with her legs wide and I am on my knees to love her lower parts. Now lifting her frock upto her waist, I started kissing her thighs as well as legs, she is bit horny and my tongue started moving on her thighs as well as I turned her back to love her ass. She removed her panty and I am kissing her bum. Now my tongue is rolling on her ass and I turned her to love her cunt. I am licking her cunt and kissing her labias to make her hot as well as wild..

Nina has put her fingers on her labias to open the vaginal hole, while I am licking it with my tongue. She is screaming in joy and I sucked her for a while. Now I stand on grass and Nina took me by surprise, pulled my bermuda down and knelt down to kiss my penis. She is rubbing my glans on her face and lips, lastly she took my penis in her mouth. She is sucking it hard and moving her face fast to love my dick. Looking at me, she started rolling tongue on my penis and I am feeling the heat. Now my younger sister Nina took my penis in her mouth and while holding her hairs, I started fucking her mouth. My penis upper part, glans is hitting her deep throat and after a while she took out my penis from her mouth. She has ejaculated cum in her cunt and I knelt down to lick her cum..

Nina is standing on grass and bend her upper part downwards inviting me to fuck her. So standing near her ass, I hold my penis and pushed it in her wet cunt. She started moving her ass fastly, my penis is hitting her walls. She is novice in fuck, her vaginal path is narrow and my penis has always gave her satisfaction. We both are enjoying sex in our backyards and she is moving her ass at great speed. Now her cunt has become dry and she is feeling my hot iron rod in her vagina. Looking at me…… “Ooihhh uummm Garry rain your cum inside, its in fire…. “. And after 12-15 minutes of fuck my penis ejaculated cum inside her vagina and she sucked my cock. We both moved inside.


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I am here to share incidence which happened / not happened in my life.I love to write but have strong love for writing incest or porn stories.I think you readers will enjoy my stories reading in a free time and while thinking about its situation.I know your sexual organs will than be in fire.