Our Secret – Part 7 (The Spot)

6.28 Am.

Wednesday came quickly. Dean woke up early looking forward to a day off school. His mother slept next to him. He lay looking at the ceiling. Naked he slid his hand to his groin. His erection meeting his hand. He stroked it for a minute.

This week they had got into a routine before the tradesmen arrived on site. They were up and showered and dressed, acting like a normal mother and son. Tradesmen unaware of their sleeping arrangements.

Dean slid out of bed, Rach stirred the blanket down over her waist her breasts free and naked as she lay half on her side. Dean admiring her breasts as he walked to the kitchen to get a drink his hard cock up pointing horizontal as he walked.

He returned a minute later with his glass of water.

” Morning baby. ” She said as he got back into bed.

” Morning mum. ” He said smiling over at her half exposed body.

” Do you want a morning fuck ? ” She asked.

” Yes please ” he said placing his glass on the side table rolling over into her arms kissing her his hand sliding to her breasts fondling them, them to her pussy rubbing down over her clit and vagina. He rolled on top of her and slid between her open legs, reaching down guiding his cock into her wet pussy. He thrust deep into her kissing her lips.

” Oh baby. ” She said.

” Like that you fuckin dirty slut. ” He said thrusting her fanny. She held his chest groaning as he thrusted her. Her eyes closed groaning head back. He kissed her neck under her chin.

” Aggghhhh yeh. ” She said moaning as he sped up in her slapping against her groin. His cock deep in her pussy. ” Cum fill mummy with your cum. ” She said

He tensed as he let go. Cum filling her up. He kissed her lips looking into her eyes.

” Good morning. ” He said.

” I love a morning fuck. ” She said.

They lay for ten minutes then got up and showered. It was 7 o clock. He dressed into shorts and Tee shirt happy not to be going to school today.

They had breakfast and returned to the bedroom

He made the bed as she decided what to wear standing naked at the wardrobe.

” Cant decide what to wear. ” He said.

” No ” she said turning her head to look at him.

She stepped over to her drawers and pulled out a blue pair of bikini bottoms. She stepped into them pulling them up her hips.

” Going to the beach. ” He said smiling as she stood. She reached over to her dressed pouring some moisturiser into her hand and started to moisturise her breasts.

” Not exactly. ” She said. He stepped over to her as she reached back into her drawers, he kissed her nipple.

” Coconut. ” He said yummy.

She put on a blue string bikini top, she clipped the clip behind her back. He admired her in her bikini as she slid a black tunic over her head it had loose sleeves down to her elbow and sat mid thigh. It had a plunging round neckline keyhole in the front with a tie to tie it up at the front. Cleavage visible through the keyhole.

” Is that new ? ” He asked.

” Why yes darling. How did you know ? ”

” I notice these things Mum. ” He replied.

” Well I suppose you do wear my clothing, so know my clothing well. ” She replied.

He smiled as he walked out the door leaving his mother to put on make up and get ready.


A knock on the door. Dean opened it to greet the tradesmen doing his room. He went to the lounge and tided his bed up they had set up to make it look like he was sleeping there.

Rach walked out of her room. ” Hi ” she said to him. They chatted for a while as Dean got his school bag and things.

” No uniform today. ” He said to Dean.

” No its a mufti day today. It was good because today it really was a mufti day. ”

” I’m leaving in ten minutes ” Rach said to Dean.

” Yeh mum. ” He said. She followed the tradesman upstairs to Deans bedroom that was gutted out no wall linings.

” Where do you want plugs, electrician will be here soon. She showed him. The tradesman’s eyes running over her body. He was very muscular and wearing a singlet. His tattoos on show his short hair. He was 51 and she found herself attracted to him. He was the tradesman doing her surgery as well. His work crew were doing that. She smiled at him she was alone with him upstairs. She found herself flirting with him.

They came downstairs. ” You ready. ” She snapped at her son.

” Yep coming. ” He said.

” I’m meeting friends soon. I need to get you to school. ” She said.

” Day off ” the tradesman said.

” Yeh, I’m meeting a girlfriend for a girls day at the beach. ” She said.

” Lucky you. ” He said as Dean came in the room.

” Come on Dean are you ready. I need to fuckin go. ” She said.

” Yes. I’m ready mum lets go. ” He said stuffing his lunchbox in his bag.

” Right Noel. ” She said ” I will be home about 4. ” She said.

” Cool have a nice day he said smiling at her. ”

” I will, ” she said smiling back at him slipping on her jandels. They headed for the car.

They got in and drove off.

” We played that well Mum. ” Dean said

” Yeh we did. ” She replied smiling at him.

” Hes nice. ” Dean said to her.

” Who ? ” She asked.

” Come on Noel, the builder. You like him. ” He said.

” Hes nice. ” She said.

” More than nice ” Dean said.

” Come on Dean. Hes twelve years older than me. ”

” No. I’m single free and loving it. ” She said. ” I don’t need a man complicating my life. That’s why I have you. ”

” Is that why you had me. ” He said putting his hand on her thigh pushing her short tunic up to her groin. She didn’t move. She loved it. She loved Dean playing with her as she slightly opened her legs as he slid his hand between her thighs his finger grazing her bikini bottoms.

” It is baby. ” She said looking at him through her sunglasses. ” That’s why I had you. A man to complicate my life ”

” Thanks mum. I feel better. ”

” Good. ” She said opening her legs further as they headed out of town on the open highway.

” Where are we going ? ” He said.

” Surprise. ” She said smiling. ” I love that. ”

” Love what ? ” He asked.

” My pussy being rubbed as I drive. ” She said. She found a spot on the side of the road and stopped.

” Are we here ? ” He asked.

” No. ” She said lifting her arse pulling her bottoms down and off her legs. ” She threw them to his lap and smiled. She re clipped her seatbelt started the car and pulled off opening her legs. His hand back rubbing her pussy.

” Mum. ” He said holding her bikini bottoms sniffing them as he played with her pussy pushing his finger between her labias.

” Happy playing. ” She said looking at him. Her tunic sitting on top of his hand. He pushed his fingers lower inside her she opened her legs to accomodate his fingers. He played with her bikini bottoms and sniffed them. ” Put them on. ” She said.

” These ” he replied.

” Yes. ” He pushed his shorts and underwear down his erect cock pointing in the air. She reached over grabbing it, as she drove on the straight road. He put them on then his shorts. He pulled them up over his arse. ” Look nice on you. ” She said smiling. They drove for another 25 minutes. She pulled off onto a side road.

” I think I know where we are going ” he said.

” Where ? ” She asked.

” The lakes walkway. ” He said.

” Close ” She said smiling.

” I’m getting excited. ” He said.

” Excited, your mother is showing you where you were conceived. ”

” Yeh a bit weird. ” He replied. They passed the lakes walkway turnoff and drove further. Fifteen minuted they got to a carpark.

” Shoes on lets go. ” She said

” Do you want your underwear back he asked. ? ”

” No I’m happy underwearless. Knowing you are wearing them. ” She said.

They started along the walking track into the bush along the forest trail.

” When was the last time you were here ? ” He asked.

” Four months ago. ” She said ” For a run. ”

For fifteen minutes they walked. She held his hand. They veered off onto a smaller trail. He heard the running water they came out to a clearing a small stream along the path which lead along the stream. They walked for another ten minutes coming to another clearing that lead to a small beach and a big pool of water.

” Here we are. ” She said.

” Here. ” He replied.

” Yeh. She said holding his hand leading him through the shallow water around some rocks to a secluded patch of sand between the high rocks. ” Right here. ” She sat on a small flat rock leant back lifting her Tunic up and opened her legs. ” Right here on this rock in this position wearing a dress with no underwear. Your dad fucked me and then went for a swim.

He stood looking at her pussy out in the open

” Wow mum really ? ” He said looking around it was secluded.

” Well you going to fuck me or not ? ” She asked.

” Yeh really. ” He said.

” Yeh be fucked by my child that was conceived here. Fuckin nice. ” She said rubbing her pussy.

He knelt down at her pussy, he knew she liked oral sex before penetration. He licked her clit and pussy lips. He pushed his fingers in her pussy slowly fingering her.

” Do you know where my G spot is ? ” She asked

” G spot no. ” He said.

She looked down sliding her fingers to her pussy.

” Right look at my finger. See how far I put it in me ” she said pushing deep into her pussy fingering herself finding it and groaning and smiling at him.

” There. ” She said pulling out of herself. He reinserted his fingers in his mothers pussy fingering her.

” That’s it. ” She said ” Rub there. ” She leant back looking at the trees as he licked her clit and rubbed her G Spot. For a few minutes he pleasured her. ” Fuck me ” she said.

He dropped his shorts his cock bursting to get out of her bikini bottoms he was wearing. He pulled his cock out knelling over his mother pushing his cock in her.

” Oh baby. ” She said ” Fuck you dirty mother. ”

He thrust in and out of her watching his cock in her. She held the tunic up both watching his cock in her. Minutes later he cum filling her with cum.

” Oh fuck. ” She said smiling. ” That was so good. ”

He pulled out standing as his cum oozed from her pussy.

” That was good. ” He said.

” Oh fuck yes. ” She said standing. She lifted her tunic over her head. ” Bottoms please. ” She said. He took them off and she put them on. He put his shorts on and they went for a swim.


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Hi I'm jess 35. I love writing erotica. I am single and never really wanted to settle down. I have experienced Incest taboo and group sex. I dont have a problem with incest. I am currently in a sexual relationship with my father and mother as they to love to play with other couples and are active swingers. It is fun and very erotic. Its just normal now. I love writing about incest, been involved in it. I am going to share both true story's and fiction. A lot of my stories are true, or based on experiences with other people. I will introduce it as true or fiction at the start. I love sharing my sexual experiences, re living them through writing about them.Happy reading.