My Sister’s secret

Just another day living with mom and dad and my busty sister. Yeah I said it I’m a guy but god damn her tits were amazing and I may or may not have jerked off to her pictures from facebook. My sister is 19 years old and still lives at home to save money for her college classes. I’m still in high school and I just started my senior year. I have my usual hobbies like going on live sex cams to watch girls. Its just what I’m into just like with everyone else. It was a late night during the weekend in my room and I was online searching for some live cam shows. I was scrolling through to see who was online. I saw a new chick I haven’t seen before alright lets do this. *Click*

Alright we got some sex toy stuff going on. It had a familiar back drop with LED lights hanging on the wall with a galaxy banner. Its weird it looks awfully like my sisters room. Its whatever alot of basic girls have that same shit on their walls. So I keep watching with cock in hand as she comes into frame with some sexy panties and this bitch had some big titties so score on finding this chick. Her head wasn’t in the picture. I was stroking my cock as she was strip teasing with those massive breasts. Oh what I would do if I could titty fuck those things.

Then the chick sits on the bed and I couldn’t believe my eyes as this busty web cam girl was my fucking sister! I knew that room looked too familiar. My sister is a web cam girl!! She is literally doing this in the same house. She is in her room down the hall naked shoving dildos in her pussy. I couldn’t stop watching the close up action with my sisters shaved oiled pussy. Her bouncing tits made my cock so fucking hard as she was sucking on a dildo that looked like the same shape as my cock. My imagination took off as I was imagining that was my hard cock in her soft lipped mouth and between her warm soft tits or in her hot creamy pussy. I kept beating my dick harder and faster until I had one the most mind blowing cum blast. I still kept looking at my laptop in disbelief as I just masturbated to my sisters hot naked sex antics.

Do I confront her?

Ignore and keep beating my dick?

This was weird. So the next day I went into her room while she was out. I could see where some oil spilled on the floor. I opened her drawer and there it was. The dildo she was using. It looked just like my dick witch made it alot hotter cause its like she was using my cock to pleasure herself. Before I could put it back my sister walked in with her dildo in my hand.

OMG what are you doing in my room! Gimme that!

I’m sorry big sister!

You’re gonna be sorry when I tell mom you’re being alittle creep.

I’m being the creep huh well what about your web cam shows.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Don’t act dumb I saw you online naked doing stuff with dildos and I came in here to see if it was real and now I know its real.

OMG why were you online looking at that? That’s disgusting my little brother looking at his big sister doing that.

Hey don’t turn this on me.

Ok yes I do web cam shows now because I need help paying for college. Just don’t tell mom or dad.

I’m not going to tell but not be weird you do put on a good show haha.

Um thanks lil bro? Haha.

How much money do you get when you do those?

Not enough to be honest. Dildo stuff only gets you so much and I’m falling behind on my tuition.

Well what gets you more money?

Actual blowjobs on a real cock. Everyone pays more to see that.

Yeah that’s true I would pay more to see that.

If I could get a couple of videos like that I could pay for my college in no time. Ok hear me out lil bro. You’ve already seen all there is to see of me and whats done is done but I need to ask you a favor. Would you like to be in one of my videos?

Ummm like helping with the camera n stuff?

No not exactly……Ummm I need your cock for my web cam.


I know I’m asking alot but you said it yourself that guys will pay more to have a penis in my shows and I really need the money. Can you please help your big sister

Well idk it’ll be a little weird.

Omg it’ll be fine and your getting free blowjobs for god sake.

Yeah you do have a point.

I will keep your head out of the picture or you can wear a mask or something. Deal?

My penis started to feel some kind of way as it was swelling up in my pants. This was the same shit I was fantasizing about last night. So it shouldn’t be any different but this time there would be no screen and no dildos. Only my cock and my sisters soft lips sucking my cock with her out this worlds tits hanging out. I was ready to say fuck it.

Ok well um I suggest we practice. I’m gonna tell you now I’m probably gonna cum really quick. I don’t get very many blowjobs.

Oh boy you’re right lil bro that would make for a short show.

As she said that. She proceeded to take her shirt off and lock the door. God forbid our parents walk in on that. The sight of her tits in person was totally different than behind a laptop screen. My cock was ever expanding and she could see it. I undid my pants and set them to the floor. She unhooked her bra and tossed it to the bed. Her nipples were perfectly proportioned to her DDD perky breasts.

Well I never thought id be so desperate for money id be giving my lil brother a blowjob for money was ever gonna be on my list of things to do.

Yeah big sis you’re telling me

You’re cock looks ready to go haha.

She bend down and pulled my boxers down to reveal my fully erect teenage hormonal penis.

OMG lil bro you didn’t tell me you were packing 8 inches!!!

I didn’t know that was a lot haha.

I think I might enjoy this

She proceeded to grasp my cock. I was looking down has she put her lips around my cock. Her tongue messaging the tip of my cock. I couldn’t believe I have this hot big titty chick sucking my cock but it just so happens to be my sister but she knew what she was doing. She was slowly going up and down just slurping on my cock as my ever flowing precum was flowing. This was all I could handle.

Big sis I’m gonna cum! Ahhhh

She took my cock out and my seamen was draining from my balls all over her naked boobs. My cum streaming down her breast and dripping off her nipples.

Oh geez lil bro you sure quite have alot of seamen in your balls huh?

Yeah sorry about that. That’s was just so fucking awesome

Its ok that’s just exactly what the guys wanna see good job. What luck I got a big cock that shoots lots of cum. Ill make my money in no time. Ok we are gonna have to work on that because that was only 30 seconds. Ahh doesn’t seem like that’s going to be a problem. Look how hard you still are.

She laid me on the bed and started sucking on my hard cock some more. Not even a minute later we were back at practice. She was now taking this serious and I’m just along for the ride. My throbbing cock was showing no signs of letting up as she was shoving my cock deeper in her throat like she had something to prove. I was able to play with her hanging tits as she was giving me a no hands blowjob. Cum was dripping down my shaft as she was trying to control the relentless flow of her lil brothers cum. I could feel it dripping down my thigh as she started to lick up and down my shaft like a popsicle. This was unbelievable as we started going past 15 min of straight brother sister pleasure. She adjusted her self so her ass was pointed straight at my face. I could feel the heat coming off her juicy pussy as it was literally dripping from her clit. It was clear that she was really enjoying giving her brother a good cock polishing. I wasn’t so sure if I were to press my luck by giving her some finger pleasure. I was in such a pleasure induced high that I just went for it. I started messaging her clit with my finger. She was surprised as I felt her flinch for a second but kept sucking my cock. Her pussy so smooth and shaved as I was unleashing the flood gates of her pussy juices. The turn on was too much for me as I forgot to warn my sister of my impending volcanic cock seamen eruption. The aggressive cum spewing throbs that I was releasing into her mouth was so intense. I was impressed she held on to every drop. She got up to present me with the product of my loin. I was in disbelief at the shear amount that have came from my testicles. I had an idea to take a picture.

Sister hold on one sec lemme take a picture. I grabbed my phone and took a picture of my sisters mouth filled with her brothers hot sticky cum. As I turn around to look back at her she had swallowed the whole thing like it was nothing.

Ok bro I think that is enough practice for one day.

Yeah hey um I have a suggestion. Would if you just lay on me while giving me head like a 69 thing. You would be more comfortable and maybe if you’d like since you’re giving me all the pleasure maybe I can return a favor while you’re sucking my cock.

Yeah that would be nice. I haven’t my pussy ate out in awhile.

Make it fun for the both of us I guess yeah haha.

As night fell on the next day I was in my sisters room. She opened the web page and we were online filming. I was standing in front of my sisters face with raging hard cock as she was starting things off. She was playing with her oiled tits as she was giving a no hands blowjob. She pulled my throbbing cock out of her mouth to put it between her slippery tits for a hot titty fuck. Omg was not expecting that! So soft and warm as she was moving her massive tits up and down my shaft. Periodically tickling her nipples with the head of my swollen cock. I laid down on the bed facing away from the camera as she mounted me. Her pussy was so smooth and inviting as it sits 2 inches away from my tongue. From this position gave my sister all the room to deep throat my cock while she plays with my testicles. I was drunk with pleasure so I grab my around my big sisters waist and started to eat her pussy. I could feel her whole body shake with every flick of my tongue. I was shoving my face in her pussy as I was reaching my tongue deep. My sister would have to stop periodically because the pleasure was too great. I was reaching forward to play with her massive hanging tits as they lay shy of my cock. It was going on for what felt like forever as it was getting much hotter in that room. We were both hypnotized by the pleasure we were giving each-other. We showed no signs of letting up. I was fingering her and her pussy was hot and tight I cant believe I had the thought of fucking my sisters hot tight pussy. I has so blinded by pleasure I stood up and got behind her.

I wanna fuck you so bad

Omg please shove your hard cock inside me I cant take it anymore I don’t care.

As I look down to my sisters fat ass I grabbed her love handles and I rubbed my cock against her wet clit to savor the moment. I slid my cock deep into her pussy. My sister desperately to muffle her moans. I could feel her vagina flexing on my cock. In and out and in and out I could not comprehend the pleasure I was experiencing. The ripples in her ass with every thrust was awe inspiring. I was fucking my sister on a live cam and I was loving it. My cock was about to explode but I was so into it as my sweat was dripping on my sisters ass. I pulled out and laid down for my sister to ride me so I could see those magnificent titties bouncing in my face. I wanted to see my sister’s expressions as her brother was fucking her from below. She was squatting on my cock just slamming her ass on my cock. She would pause because her legs were shaking with every orgasm. I lost count after 6 but she wanted more but I was coming to an end. I stood up as to let her finish her brother off the way we started. The determination as she was sucking the life from my swollen cock was unreal. She didn’t even care about breathing as she wanted to put my 8in cock deep down her throat. I couldn’t hold it any longer. I pulled my cock out of my sister mouth and shot my cum all over her face and tits. The white ropes of cum that pulsed out of my throbbing cock slowly dripped down to cover my big sister hot sweaty breasts. I was still cumming as she proceeded to suck me clean for another minute as I could see she didn’t want it to end as I look down to her face covered in her brothers giz. Once the dust settled and we saw each other the next night. The camera was recording.


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