Jenny’s Punishment Pt. 1

Jenny walks into the room, on hands and knees, lead on a leash by her mother. Her father is setting in his chair watching as they enter, he is wearing only a pair of loose boxers. She can see right up one of the legs and can see his semi hard cock laying against his leg. This is just the first day of her one month punishment for skipping a weeks worth of school, serving her parents doing anything they tell her to do when they tell her to do it. Hell this morning she woke up to her mother straddling her face getting ready to pee, “Drink or drown,” she had said just seconds before the stream of hot yellow liquid had started. Now it was time to see what daddy wanted her to do for him, hopefully not the same, ‘Maybe he will just want me to jerk him off, or let him eat my pussy or something,’ she was thinking to herself as she was placed in front of him. He slid forward, his cock sliding out of his boxers and hanging in front of her face, ‘maybe he will just want me to suck on it,’ she thought again.

“I hope you still have room, kitten, Daddy hasn’t took a piss since last night, so put Daddy’s straw in your mouth and drink until I’m empty.” Jenny was upset, but did as she was told, sh opened her mouth and moved forward until it was all in her mouth, then she closed her lips and waited for more piss to fill her belly. She sat there for five minutes fighting the urge to gag and throw up while her own father emptied his bladder into her, his Kitten, his Baby Girl. When he finishes he slides back into his chair, his still semi hard cock making a popping sound as the slight suction from her mouth was released. “Wow, kitten, this is going to be a good month for your mother and I. We won’t have to go to the bathroom to take a piss, I won’t have to lick your mothers pussy and ass hole five times a day, and well your poor mother won’t have to deal with my hard cock every time she turns around.”

Jenny looked from her father to her mother as what will be expected from her for the next month slowly soaked in, she was going to be a toilet/sex slave to her parents, not adopted parents either, but blood parents. ‘Why had they chosen to punish her this way?’ she thought to herself as she watched her mother stand and walk past her, moving to close the last of the curtains in the living room.

“Mom, Daddy, why are you punishing me this way? I am your little girl, your 16 year old little girl. I don’t understand how you could do this to me,” she says softly as she sets up and rubs her belly trying her best not to throw up all the piss her parents have put down her throat.

Her mother turns around to face her having closed the last curtain, “Well you skipped the last week of school, you have been sending nude pics of yourself to at least four different boys that we know of. Most of it was your fathers idea after I caught him jacking off to your pictures a few days ago.” Both of them turned to look at him and he actually blushed under their combined gaze, but Jenny noticed that his cock looked like it was getting bigger, ‘Fuck,’ she thought, ‘Daddy is starting to get horny just thinking about my pictures. This is going to be a very long month.’

“Why do you think I go on a business trip to Thailand every year, kitten, it is for the very young prostitutes that are legal there. Your mother has known about it for years and now is ok with it, so the only thing different with you and I is the whole incest angle, but every time I see you in a bikini I am very ok with incest,” her dad says as his eyes move over her body and his cock becomes even harder than before. Her mother walks back to the couch, sits down, and pats the cushion next to her, “Come here, sweetheart, I want you to lay your head in my lap while we watch the movie.” Jenny crawls over to the couch and lays down next to her mother, her head in her lap. Her mother adjusts herself a little then says, “I meant face down, kitten, I want you to lick me while your Daddy and I watch the movie.” Jenny rolled her body so she was face down and with out a word began to lick and suck on her moms smooth wet pussy.

When the movie was over they all sat down for supper then Jenny was sent to bed early, “But, Mom, it’s only 9 why do I have to go to bed now?” She whined as she started toward the bath room. “Because your father gets up early and will not want to have to drag you out of bed. Just so you know, your father is very very horny first thing in the morning. It will be nice to get a break from him for the next 30 days.” her mom tells her as she follows her to the bathroom. It dawns on Jenny that her mom is in the bathroom with her, “Are you going to bathe me, mom?” she asks. “No, I have to pee again, but I may start having you bathe me every night for the next month, I like that idea,” she says as she makes Jenny lay down so she can finally relieve herself. Jenny opens her mouth and prepares to take her third stream of piss for the day. When her mother finished she waits for Jenny to lick her clean before standing up and leaving the bathroom. Jenny gets up, takes a bath, and goes to bed, wondering what the next day would hold for her.

She didn’t have to wait long, fifteen minutes after getting into her bed she heard her door began to open, the light from the hallway illuminating her room. She pulled the covers to her chin as her naked father walked into the room. “Well, Kitten, tonight I will give you a choice, do you want oral, anal, or vaginal sex?” he asks as he walks to her bed and sets down beside her, placing his hand on her belly. She looks at him, his face barely visible in the soft light coming in from the hallway, “If I choose oral are you going to lick me?” He looks down at her and smiles as he stands up letting her see his rock hard cock. Her eyes widen in disbelief as she looks at it and thinks, ‘Damn that thing has to be ten inches long and two or three inches thick. He is going to tear me in half if he puts it in me,’ He stands there waiting on her decision, finally she moves to the side of the bed and opens her mouth. He places his hand on the back of her head and gently pulls her forward until his cock has fully vanished down her throat. She chokes and gags, throwing up a little, as his cock is forced down her throat. After twenty minute of her dad skull fucking her he pushes all the way in again and she feels his hot cum flow down her throat as she fights the urge to throw up again. He pulls out of her mouth, kisses her in the top of the head, then leaves the room, closing the door behind him. She lays back down, rubbing her belly, and cries herself to sleep, dreading the next twenty nine days.