My hot mom LOUSIE is celebrating her 36 th birthday. In the morning dad wished her on mobile and my younger sister has wished her before leaving for school. I am in balcony with her having coffee. Looking at her, I said…… ” Mom wishing you happy birthday.

(Lousie smiled) thanks but my gift.

(Garry) ask me what I can give to you.

(Lousie) some thing natural, which is long and hard, will you give me your penis as a gift to me?

And I gave her a positive reply. Now I went to my room and took my clothes for bath. Now in washroom, I took bath and than have a nice breakfast. Our house hold maid Laxmi is doing her work. I am waiting for Laxmi to leave our house for physical love with my hot mom.

Its 10:30 am and maid left our house. Now I moved to kitchen and hold my mom in arms. She is wearing a sleeveless gown up to her knee length. I have hold her from her back and put my lips on her face to kiss. While kissing her my hands have grabbed her breasts to massage. She said…. ” Let me prepare food and wait for an hour to love me.

(Garry) no mom, order our lunch to a food plaza, I am in no mood to leave you darling.

(Lousie) ok than move from here. ” And we two are in her bedroom. She is on her bed and I removed her gown. She is complete nude, has no undergarments on her sexual organs. Now I leaned on her and put my lips on her lips, our lips are locked and she pushed her tongue in my mouth. While sucking it I can feel her hand pulling my bermuda. I sucked her tongue and pushed my tongue in her mouth to suck. She is sucking it with her nude breasts pressing on my chest. My penis is in erection and we both are nude..

Lousie has left my tongue and now I took her breast in my mouth to suck and pressing other ones. She wears brassieres of 34 C and her soft boob is in my mouth. I took her other one and she is screaming in pleasure……. ” Oooohhhhhhh… Uuuummmmm….. Aaashhhhhh… Garry suck it hard my vagina is itching oh my dear. ” And now I moved down to kiss her tummy and waist. She has some extra flesh on her tummy but in her mid thirties, her figure is nice. Now I took a pillow and pushed inside her lovely ass, my lips are on her strong thighs and she has kept her thighs in a closest position to make her vaginal portion covered. I kissed her thighs and now my tongue is rolling on her thighs and now she is losing her hold on her thighs and its moving away from each other and in different direction, giving me visibility of her glittering vagina. Her vagina is clean shaved, its reddish and labias are sexy..

I moved to washroom. Came back with a butter cake and put it on her cunt, while rubbing it my hand is on her breast to massage. I am putting butter inside her vagina and she smiled….. ” Your dad has put it in our honeymoon trip and now you are using butter.

(Garry) of course love to lick your vagina.

(Mom) sure you can do it. ”

And I leaned my face in between her thighs…. Kissing her vagina with hands moving on her strong thighs. She put her fingers to make wide open her vaginal mouth and my 1/2 of penis is fucking her glory hole, a glory hole that has given birth to me, is now nude for my love. While licking her cunt my penis become hot rod and I am rolling my tongue inside her cunt like a dog. A teenager of 18 years is making love to a 36 years matured lady. She is shouting… ” Oooohhhhuuuummmmaaaahhhh pl. Suck it darling. ” And I took her vagina in my mouth to suck.. I

I sucked her vagina for some time. My penis is in full erection. Now my hot mom is sitting near my waist. She kissed my penis and looking at me, she took it in her mouth to suck. She is sucking it with her head swinging fastly and I am screaming in joy……. ” Oh… Aaaaahhh… Uuuummmm….. Lousie suck it hard my darling my penis is feeling your oral love, do it fast you bitch…….. ” And she took it out to roll her tongue on it, my 6-7 inches long hard dick is feeling the heat with her tongue moving on it fastly, but she took it again to suck for a while. Later on she moved to washroom. I am waiting for Lousie to come and to fuck her, but after 5 minutes, I moved inside washroom. My hot mom Lousie is under cascade having bath. I moved to Lousie and knelt down in front of her, now like a whore, she stretched her legs and I put my lips to kiss her vagina. Undoubtedly she is having dick for 19 yrs. Has got fuck with my dad and may be with some one else also, God knows her character, but she is opening her vaginal hole and I am licking it with my tongue and my hands are moving on her round shaped bum. Like a dog my tongue is fast in her vagina and she hold my hairs tightly just pushing my face in between her strong thighs and I took her glory hole in my mouth to suck. I sucked it till she started shouting……… “Ooohhhhaaaahhhhuuuummmm oh you dog suck it hard…… ” And I left her cunt while my penis started oozing the pre cum..

I am standing and Lousie took no time to knelt down and took my penis in her mouth to give me a nice blow job. I am sure I will ejaculate in 5-7 minutes in her mouth if she sucks like it. Like a whore moving her head she is sucking my penis and took out to roll her tongue on it. Lastly she took again and while holding her hairs I started fucking her mouth and my long penis is moving up to her throat. She is enjoying her oral fuck and while putting my long hard penis up to her throat I ejaculated sperms in her mouth. She drink it like a milk shake and I am too tired. Now come back on her bed and slept like a tired guy..

I slept for 2 hours and wake up in the afternoon leaving my mom sleep I locked the door from outside and moved to a near by wine shop. I bought two cane of chilled beer and near shop in a lonely place, I drink it. Now I am feeling relaxed, moved to a medical store for condoms but got a long white pill to insert it in her vagina for safe sex. I came back and opened the door. My hot mom is watching t. V but she is without clothes. Locked the room and sits near her on sofa…….. ” Where you have gone ? And locked the door.

(Garry) sorry mom I went to a medicine shop for contraceptives.

(Lousie) oh means you can make me pregnant with your penis.

(Garry) sure I can make you pregnant.

(Lousie) no one can make me, have put cooper T inside. “.

Our argument changed in physical love and I took my mom’s breast to suck and she has unzipped my pant. I sucked her both breasts and we are now nude on bed. She is now on her knees and while kneeling down near her big bum, I pushed my long hard penis inside her vagina and holding her waist I am fucking her fastly. She is swinging her ass fastly and my penis is in full erection inside her vagina. Its dry and she is enjoying her 36 th birthday while moving her ass wildly. Now she is screaming in joy…… “Ooohhhhuuuummmmaahhh garry fuck me hard my son I will cum…. ” And her cunt become a pond, I took out my dick and while sitting near her ass, I put my fingers on her vagina and pushed my tongue inside to lick her, juice is tasty and she moved to washroom..

I am sleeping on bed with my penis like a iron rod. She came in and slept like a whore with her legs wide open, inviting me for fuck. So I put my penis on her vagina and slowly pushed it inside…. Now holding her waist I fucked hard and while fucking her, I leaned on her top and she has hold me in her arms tightly. She is moving her ass up & down and my tiger is roaring inside her vagina. She is giving me pleasure with her bum moving up and down. She is breathing heavily and her cunt is in fire…. Lastly I poured my sperms in her vagina and she took my penis in her mouth to suck. So I gifted my mom a natural gift…


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