My hot mom LOUSIE is in her mid thirties. She has a nice figure with round lovely ass and medium sized breasts. She has white complexion with height of 5’3 feet. I have never seen her nude.

I am Garry of 18 yrs, height of 6 feet, fair complexion with penis lengths 07-08 inches in full erection. One night I was masturbating in my room at midnight. Room’s door was closed but windows were partially opened. I think my mom saw me masturbating.

Today is holiday and my sister Nina is in home; dad lives in another town due to job. In the morning I was with my mom and sister having a nice coffee. When Nina left the balcony, mom looking at me asked…. “Garry you are good in masturbation, do you do it daily?

(Garry) sorry mom I have left my windows open.

(Mom) that’s not the right answer.

(Garry) I do it twice a week. “And I left the place. I was feeling guilty and well surprised thinking about my mom’s query.

We three have dinner all together at 09:45 p. M and we left for our bedroom. I slept on bed with a magazine to study. After an hour I switched off the bulb and slept. I am in fast asleep, when I felt some one’s hand on my bermuda. Some one is rubbing her palm on my thighs. I remained in sleeping position, my doubt is obvious on my mom. She pulled my bermuda down and hold my penis tightly. Now I wake up suddenly and in a red night bulb my hot mom is looking too wild. She is in her sleeveless gown. Some how she is bit shy and her face is down. Now I put my hand on her cheek and our eyes met.

Lousie is bit shy but I took her in my arms and kissed her face. I pushed her on bed and started removing her night gown. She is smiling at me and I can see her semi nude body in brassier as well as panty. Now I leaned on her body and put my lips on her face and lips. She is holding me in her arms tightly. Now our lips are locked and she pushed her tongue in my mouth. While sucking it my hand is on her boobs to press. Never got the soft touch of a lady, now Lousie took out her tongue from my mouth.

Looking at Lousie, I asked – ” Will you give me your sexual organs to love?

(Mom) sure do it what you want. ” I removed her bra and panty. Now she is nude and my dirty mind is on her lovely boobs having a brownish nipple. I leaned on her breast and took in my mouth to suck with other one getting massaged. My penis is in full erection. At the age of 18 yrs. I am sucking my mom’s breast. She is rolling her fingers on my hairs. I sucked her both breasts. Now moving on her soft tummy to belly my lips are making her horny. Now Lousie as well as Garry is complete nude. Sitting near her waist, she has put her thighs too closed and I can’t see her vagina. My hands are moving on her thighs and she is in pleasure. I leaned on it and my lips are making her love. Now thighs are moving away and I put my tongue on her thighs to lick it. Lousie is now too hot and her thighs are wide apart to give me a nice look of her vagina. Looking at her reddish vagina without pubic hair, I put my finger on it and pushed it inside her cunt but a single finger is not enough to make her vagina cry, so I put two fingers inside and while fingering it I put my hand on her breast to massage. Lousie is feeling the heat and said……. ” Garry love my glory hole with your tongue and suck it.

(Garry) But mom that’s a dirty part so.

(Lousie) Its too clean just love it and you will enjoy.

Lousie guided me and I pushed a pillow inside her ass. Now looking at her vagina, I leaned my face on it and lips are kissing it, her vaginal mouth is wide and both labias are glittering like a pearl. My long tongue is moving on her vagina and while holding my hairs she is screaming in joy, but she is a experienced lady in sex. She put her fingers on her vagina to open her hole and I pushed my tongue inside it, licking her vagina with my 2/3 rd tongue. My penis has become like a iron rod. Lousie is screaming in joy……. ” Oh.. Aaaahhh… Uuuummm…… Fuck your mom’s cunt….. Suck it I will cum……. ” And now I took her vagina in my mouth to suck and after some time got the taste of her juice. I moved to washroom.

Its 01:15 midnight. In complete silence our incest sex is going on. Coming back in room I am surprised to see my mom missing. So I put my bermuda and left my room. I frisked inside her bedroom. She is not on bed, so I thought to see inside her attached washroom. I pushed the door of washroom & my hot mom is in bath tub. Looking at Lousie, I removed my bermuda and now I am on top of her hot body. My tongue is in her mouth and while sucking it I am feeling her boobs pressing on my chest. She has hold me tightly in her arms. Now she took out my tongue and we both are under cascade. She is kissing my lips and lastly pushed her tongue inside my mouth to suck. My hands are on her back and she took out her tongue from my mouth. I am standing in front of Lousie and she knelt down to suck my penis. She is sucking my penis and its in full erection, lastly she started licking it with her tongue moving on my long hard penis.

We are back in bedroom. On my mom’s king size bed, my mom is sleeping in a missionary position & I pushed my long hard penis in her vagina. She is in joy and holding her waist, I fucked her vagina hardly. Now penis is running inside with great speed and its wet. Now I leaned on my hot mom and my tiger is roaring inside her vagina. She has hold me in her arms tightly. Now moving her bum up & down, I am fucking a hot lady. Now she is screaming in pleasure……. ” Ooohhh… Uuummmmm… Aaash…… Garry pl. Cum inside my cunt is in fire…… ” &Amp; my penis ejaculated in her vagina. I slept on her hot body with my penis in her vagina. After some time I left for my room. Losing my virginity to mom is something special for me.


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I am here to share incidence which happened / not happened in my life.I love to write but have strong love for writing incest or porn stories.I think you readers will enjoy my stories reading in a free time and while thinking about its situation.I know your sexual organs will than be in fire.