Lousie is watching TV sitting on sofa. She is wearing a bermuda with a tight tops and I moved closer to her. Looking at my hot mom Lousie, I put my palms on her nude thighs and while rubbing it I am feeling her soft skin. She smiled……. “Garry what’s going on my son, its wrong.

(Garry) Nina is in her school and we are alone, need some fuck.

(Lousie) sure but you are not enough to satisfy me, so invite your friends also….. “.

Its 10:00 am and I called my friends RACHEL and JOHN to meet me in my flat. My mom Lousie moved to washroom to have bath and I am waiting for my friends to come. After half an hour, door bell started ringing and I moved to open the door. We three are on sofa and John doesn’t have knowledge about his purpose of visit. Looking at me, he asked……. “Garry you have called us to your home but any specific reason.

(Rachel) John you will see it after some time. ”

I walked towards my mom bed room. She is wearing a red colour sleeveless frock upto her knee length and I can see her in red brassier as well as red G string panty. She is standing in front of mirror and put her frock in hurry looking at me. She said…… ” Garry have your friends reached or not ?

(Garry) yes they are waiting for you. ”

And we moved towards dinning hall. Now both my friends stands to shake hand with my mom but my hot mom Lousie took Rachel in her arms and kissed her face. Looking at them John is in shock as well as surprised, my hot mom Lousie moved towards John and took him in her arms. She kissed her face and I can see john’s hand on her bum. Now we four are sitting on sofa and my mom has put her legs well crossed, her dress is covering her upper thighs only. Rachel and John is sitting opposite to me and my mom, they can see my hot mom’s inner parts also. Now my hot mom smiled……. ” John I called both of you for fuck fest and I know all three can satisfy me, isn’t it ?

(John) oh no a hot lady is dying for our penis and we are regular in masturbation, shame on us. “.

Rachel opened her bag and took out bottles of beer. We are enjoying drink as my hot mom took no time to stand in front of them. Like a whore she lifted her skirt upto her waist, both my friends are looking at my mom’s front while I am looking her round shaped bum. John and Rachel stood in front of my mom and started kissing her face as well as lips. They removed her frock and I am sitting near her bum, now Rachel is kissing her upper parts while John sits near her legs to kiss her thighs. I sits near my hot mom’s ass with a butter cake, now I removed her G string and Rachel has removed her bras. She is standing nude with her legs wide apart. Now I put butter on her ass hole and on dome shaped bum, put my tongue to lick it and John is rubbing butter on Lousie’s vaginal parts. My tongue is rolling on her ass…. Ass crack and ass hole. While looking at john through mom’s legs, he is licking her vagina and Rachel is sucking her tongue. Oh my mom ! You are so hot, removed Rachel’s jeans and undies to hold his penis. Now I can hear my hot mom screaming…… “Ooohh uummm aashhh John suck my cunt…… ” And than Rachel is pushing his tongue in my mom’s mouth and she is masturbating his long hard penis. John is sucking my hot mom’s glory hole while I am licking her ass hole. Now we changed our position..

A HOT LADY OF 38 YEARS…. WITH NICE TITS….. ROUND DOME SHAPED BUM…… STRONG THIGHS….. REDDISH FROG SHAPED VAGINA…….. IS STANDING WITH HER LEGS WIDE APART………. RACHEL is now sitting on her legs to worship VAGINA GODESS…. JOHN is on her back licking her anus hole…… GARRY is kissing her lips and pushed his tongue in her mouth. She pulled down my pant and while masturbating my penis, she is too horny…. Rachel is fucking her vagina with his tongue and John is kissing her ass to legs. A lady with three younger guys of her son’s age is enjoying her sexual session. Now I took out my tongue and Rachel moved to washroom. Now John is standing in front of Lousie and while kissing her he is pressing her breasts hardly. I am licking my mom’s cunt and john is sucking her lips…. Lastly she pushed her tongue in John’s mouth and he is sucking it. I took her hot cunt in my mouth to suck and she is masturbating John’s prick. Rachel is back near her back, putting his tongue on her ass hole. She took out her tongue and shouted….. “Oohhh uumm Garry I will cum drink my juice…. ” And got the taste of cum but I am still licking her vagina and she is shouting…… ” Oohhh Garry leave my cunt I will pee…… ” And I took her glory hole in my mouth and her cunt released hot spray of urine and I got it..

We three guys with my hot mom moved to washroom. Under a shower we four are nude, having bath and my hot mom took no time to be on her knees, she took Rachel’s penis in her mouth to suck and John as well as me (Garry) is sitting to her left and right…. We both took her breast in my mouth to suck and she is licking Rachel’s penis. She is rubbing its glans on her face and lips. While sucking her boobs, both friends are fingering her cunt. She is sucking Rachel’s cock like a whore. Now we both friends changed our position to suck her breasts. Lousie is licking Rachel’s cock and after some time we moved to dinning hall..

My hot mom Lousie is eyeing on all three nude cocks but her eye is looking at Rachel’s cock the more. Now we are drinking beer but my mom took my cock in her mouth while sitting near my legs. She is sucking it hard and Rachel came near her back to make her like a doggy. She is on her knees and licking my penis with her tongue….. Rachel put his penis inside her wet cunt and started fucking her with speed and power. Lousie is rubbing the glans on her face and nose, just smelling my cock and lastly took in her mouth to suck. She is giving me a nice blow job while Rachel is fucking her with her ass swinging faster. John is a spectator right now and now Lousie left my penis and Rachel made her stand..

I am watching live sex show of my mom with guys. She is now standing with her face near John’s penis and holding his waist…… Rachel is in her back and like a four legged animal, she is standing with her mouth full of John’s penis and Rachel is fucking my mom. Lousie is sucking his penis and she is moving her bum also with speed. Rachel’s tiger is roaring inside her deep valley and she is licking John’s glans with her tongue. I can see my mom rubbing glans on her face and lips, she is screaming…… “Ooohhh uuuummm oh Rachel my cunt is in fire rain your cum inside…….. ” And rachel ejaculated his cum inside her vagina. They left for washroom..

Rachel is tired and my hot mom Lousie is now back in dinning hall wrapping a bath towel from her chest. Now John put his dick inside my mom’s cunt from front side while standing and I am near her back. John is fucking my mom with her one leg on his hand and I put my penis on her ass hole…. Slowly pushed my 1/2 of penis in her ass and fucked her hard to enter her anus hole, she shouted….. Oohhh uuummm my son your penis is too hard and long for my ass its in pain

(Garry)yes my mom love to fuck your ass. ” And my hot mom is standing with her legs spread and John is fucking her from front while Garry is fucking her ass from back side. After some time, we two changed holes..

Lousie is in leisure and we are waiting for her to arrive from washroom. Her vagina is in fuck for last 25-30 minutes. Now she is standing while John is in her back and Garry on her front. We both are putting butter on her holes and she is smiling at us. Now I pushed my dick in her cunt and John pushed his penis in her ass hole, both guys are fucking LOUSIE’S vagina as well as ass. She is kissing my lips and her breasts are pressing on my chest. After some time we both poured cum in her cunt as well as ass. She moved away and her fuck fest ends.


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