The Accident

Steve was in a foul mood, it was his 16th birthday and he was stuck working in the factory instead of being out with his girlfriend and his mates celebrating. The only other person about was the owners son who Steve hated because he was gay, every chance he got Steve called Mark queer boy, nonce boy or the fairy. Steve went to the locker room he checked Mark was not about got his overalls out of his locker after locking the main entrance, it was a very hot day so Steve stripped off his clothes he decided to remove his thong as well, he stood naked looking down at his 7 inch hairy dick thinking the developer he used was well worth the money he had paid for it, he felt his dick starting to stiffen and thought yeah the 4 Viagra he had taken were working, he put his overalls on followed by his boots. Steve went to the machine shop and started cleaning the machines he got to the boring machine started to clean it and dropped his cleaning cloth he climbed onto the machine to get his cloth back he was on his hands and knees got his cloth and started moving backwards as he did he accidentally kicked the start lever, Steve heard the purring sound wondered what it was then felt his hands being  gripped then realised the machine had started he then felt his legs being gripped he struggled but could not get free, he saw the long arm slide forward and felt it go down the back of his overalls then felt his overalls rip clean off him he then felt liquid spray his body and was glad it was just water he then saw heard a purring sound looked behind him and saw a probe heading towards him then to his horror he felt it slide into his bum it stopped after a short while then started to with draw then started going back then out and back in Steve realised the machine was doing it’s normal functions that would last 20 minutes and he could do nothing to stop it, after a few minutes Steve felt hid dick growing and soon he had a full erection, after 10 minutes Steve felt his dick throbbing like it had never throbbed before and to his surprise Steve was enjoying what the machine was doing to him after another 10 minutes the machine with drew from Steve’s bum and switched off, the clamps released his arms and legs. Steve got off the machine went to the locker room and jerked of thinking about the machine, he had a shower put new overalls all and went back to work. Three hours later Steve went to get some tea he saw Mark going into the canteen he undid his overalls as low they would go he knew his pubes and top of his dick was showing he went in the canteen said ” evening Mark” which surprised Mark who had been expecting verbal abuse, Mark then saw Steve’s pubes and part of his dick’ which made him smile, Steve looked down said ” happy or want to see more” Mark just looked, Steve pulled his overalls off his shoulders let them fall to the floor, Mark stared at Steve’s massive dick not believing what he was seeing, Steve then told Mark what had happened earlier, Mark said what” said ” the machine fucked my ass” Mark watched as Steve got an erection and said ” you want me to fuck you like the machine did” Steve nodded, Mark stood undid his trousers, Steve was bending over the table, Mark went up and was soon pounding into Steve’s bum after 10 minutes he squirted his cum up Steve’s back then watched as Steve jerked squirting in 5 spurts. Later after Steve had left Mark went to the machine and smiled.


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