The Riot

The small town was getting ready for a march by racist thugs, windows had been boarded up, some residents had gone to stay with friends or relations to avoid any trouble from the march,the police had brought in extra police offices to be able to deal with the expected trouble, on the morning of the … Continue reading The Riot


Take Over

The school had a very bad reputation, it was known for the violence, racism, bad attendance and vandalism, it was very hard for the education authority to get staff to work there and the school was badly understaffed, the school caretaker Mr Khan who was sixty and very close to retirement hardly ever ventured out … Continue reading Take Over


No Holds Barred is a form of wrestling where there are no rules and anything can happen and will happen with there being no come back at all on the winner, it became known as N.H.B. and was not an official sport it was illegal and an underground event there was no age limit and … Continue reading N.H.B.

Well Done

The hotel on the edge of town was a big hotel it was posh and expensive and attracted a lot of famous people, many wedding receptions and other functions were held there and when there was a function being held at the hotel extra staff were brought in from the town just to cover for … Continue reading Well Done