Returned Compliment

Dawn was a sixteen year old English girl who had a reputation for being violent, most people stayed clear of her for fear of being beat up, she had been banned from nearly every shop in the town where she had lived nearly all her life, the police knew Dawn and were very careful when they had to speak with her some officers would not speak with Dawn unless they really had to, Dawn knew that she had a near enough a free licence to do what she wanted and she did do what she wanted and not worried what people thought, Palash was a Bengali boy who was two years younger than what Dawn was, Palash had been disowned by most of his community because he had been convicted of flashing, Palash was well known for flashing and did not care what people thought. It was a school day afternoon and Dawn was bunking off school like she did most days, she was in the the grounds where old unused trains were left while the waited to be broken up, Dawn was in one of the carriages swigging from a bottle of cider when she saw Palash. Palash climbed into the same carriage that Dawn was in, he saw Dawn but was not worried as Dawn never bothered him, Palash smiled when he saw that the top buttons on Dawn’s blouse were open and he could see the sides of her boobs, Dawn looked at Palash and asked him if he wanted a cider offering him a can of cider as she did, Palash looked said ” no thanks” Dawn looked down at her boobs and said to Palash you having a good look at my tits” Palash nodded his head and when Dawn said ” you want to see them proper” Palash smiled and said ” yes please” Dawn undid the rest of the buttons on her blouse and pulled it open, Palash looked at Dawn’s naked boobs noticing her erect nipples” Dawn said ” you can get your cock out if you want” Palash undid his trousers letting his six inch erection spring out, Dawn got hold of the hem of her skirt and pulled it right up, when Palash saw that Dawn had no Panties on and he could see her love tube Palash could not believe his eyes, and when Dawn started to rub her love tube Palash stood watching and when Dawn inserted two fingers into her love tube and started to masturbate Palash thought he was dreaming but started to jerk his dick as he watched the thug girl masturbate, Dawn stopped masturbating and watched Palash as he jerked then said ” don’t get any of your spunk over me” and resumed masturbating, Palash stood jerking watching Dawn as she masturbated and after five minutes he saw Dawn gush and not long after he squirted his cum in four spurts as Dawn watched, after a few minutes Dawn did her blouse up and lowered her skirt smiled at Palash and said ” if you want to see me naked being fucked by my boyfriend be here at nine tonight then left the train carriage, as Palash left the carriage he could not believe what he had just seen or what Dawn had said but at nine he was back in the carriage and saw Dawn standing naked snogging her naked boyfriend, Palash admired Dawn’s naked bum and after a few minutes when Dawn lay down on the floor and parted her legs Palash saw Steve’s nine inch erection and smiled, Palash was bi sexual and liked the sight of Steve’s erect dick, Steve got down on the floor between Dawn’s parted legs and was soon pushing his dick into Dawn’s waiting love tube, Palash stood watching as Steve thrust in and out of the moaning Dawn, then to his surprise Palash saw Dawn’s sister Amy who was two years younger than him stood watching with her skirt raised and masturbating, after ten minutes Palash watched as Steve pulled his dick out of Dawn’s love tube and squirt his cum in five long spurts some of which hit Amy, and not long after he heard Amy groan and saw her gush, after half a hour Palash was walking down the road with Dawn’s invite to go round her house the next night ringing in his ears and the next night was looking at Dawn and Amy as they walked around naked, Dawn told him you can watch us anytime but no touching or telling anybody, Palash went to Dawn’s house often and watched as Steve had sex with both Amy and Dawn and knew that he was on to something good and when Dawn showed him films of some other girls from her class naked Palash thought this is real cool.