Teen crush

Dear Diary. Saturday Jan 5th

Oh how I long for him. A love that cannot be. I saw him today. I looked out my bedroom upstairs window. He was washing his pride and joy. His red mustang. Oh no shirt. His beautiful muscular body. His tattoos. His short hair. His well groomed short beard. He had his birthday yesterday 40 yrs. Why did he leave school. He was a good teacher. I was his model student. Though I am 16. What is age. I sit gazing. Is he aware of my adoration. My pussy tingles even though I am virgin. I am beautiful. I am well developed. My breasts are nice and curvy. Well diary. Time for bed. Goodnight.

Sunday Jan 6th

I woke this morning early hearing his car start. I looked out the window he was dressed in shorts and a muscle shirt. His blue cap on. I was naked. I sat rubbing my pussy as I watched him. My fingers inside my vagina wishing it was his manhood. Oh how I long for his body. She walked out. Juanita his wife. Her Spanish features. Her perfect long black hair. Her curved shaped body. Her dress showing her cleavage. The short skirt showing her long slender legs. I long for his attention in a romantic way. I would love his naked body on mine. His manhood in me pleasuring me. Feeling his manly body sliding up and down me. Touching my breasts.

Monday 7th.

I walked home from school today. Time to think. Oh how I miss him teaching me. I got home. His car was in the driveway. I walked up his path my heart pounding. I knocked on the door he opened it saying hi. I told him I have left my house keys at home and I need the bathroom.( I hadn’t. I didn’t.) He showed me the way. I went in locking the door. I lifted my skirt pulling my underwear down and sat on the toilet looking around. I noticed the bin. A pregnancy test box in there. I reached over pulling it out looking. Yes shes pregnant. I look around. His cologne. I didn’t stay long. I flushed and washed my hands. He asked me if I want a drink. We sit on the couch. I flirt with him I hope he notices. He does look down at my legs in my school uniform. I undid a top button on my blouse and hope he noticed my cleavage. We talked and I left once Mum arrived home. Tonight my bed my diary. I finger my wet virgin pussy thinking about.


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