Sexperience with Hot Neighbour Aunty by Maid’s help – Part 5

The watch was not at all running. I was feeling its stopped. Every minute was like an hour. I was not able to concentrate on the work. I couldn’t control. Just eager to see the panty of Pavithra. It was 3 o clock. I had lunch and was attending a client call. I got a WhatsApp message. I just ignored as I was busy with the client call.
Went to cafeteria and was having coffee. Just opened the mobile and checked WhatsApp. There were many messages. In that there was one message from Rajamma. I bet these maids also are very advanced now. They also have Facebook page, WhatsApp and really, they know so many things in this advanced technology as well. Immediately I opened the message. It said “Kelsa aithu. Kaacha ollagadee haakidhini”. That means “Job Done. I have put the panty inside”. Ohh the message made me still irresistible.
I replied her “Tq Rajamma. Neevu thumbha olleyavru”. That means “Thanks Rajamma. You are so sweet and good”. I just wanted to rush to house. But I had a Project review at 7PM. Anyways I didn’t want to lose my control. Finally, at 9PM I started. Reached home by 10:15PM.

I was really eager to see the panty of Pavithra. As soon as I opened the door, there was a white cover. I could see that in the dim light inside the house which was falling from the street light. I slowly walked toward that cover. Threw my laptop bag on the sofa and then slowly took that cover. It was so light. I just took it near my nose and smelled from outside the cover itself. God I could smell Pavithra’s sweat, juice, exotic perfume and also her piss smell. It was a typical erotic aroma of a sensual sexy lady. I could feel my dick was getting so hard and it was passing signal to my brains to just free it from the pant. Holding that cover I slowly walked towards the switch and then switched on the light. I could see a soft panty inside the white cover, sitting very silent but making me crazy and waking my dick to the core. I am not able to put those experience I had at that moment. Only the person who has felt will know that.

I removed that panty from the cover and wanted to throw the cover away. It was a satin brown panty with very soft material. I just took that cover and smelled it again. Naughty cover also had rubbed his body with the panty to get that smell. Even the cover was smelling same way as the panty was smelling. I threw the cover on the sofa and went towards the bedroom. I was holding the panty as if I was holding Pavithra and taking her to bedroom. I placed the panty very softly on the bed and I started undressing myself. Threw all the clothes on the floor. My dick was bigger and thicker than I had ever seen. I sat on my knees and smelled it deeply. Ohh my god Panty was so aromatic that my whole body was getting heated. I just thought let me get fresh and then play with the panty.

I took bath and came back. No idea my dick has not reduced at all in the whole time. I came near the panty and took it slowly in my hand and started feeling it on my cheeks and face. I rubbed it all over my face and lips. I put my lips on the place where her pussy and asshole will be placed. I slowly took out my tongue and started licking that area and made it totally wet with my saliva. Now I started rubbing in allover my chest and back and took it on ass cheeks and rubbed it very vigorously. Spread my ass and slowly moved it under my ass crack. I just wanted to feel her panty on every inch of my body. Her perfume, sweat, piss smell was getting applied all over my body. Now the only part I had not felt was my dick. I could feel my dick was hungry to feel the panty. I was playing prank with my dick that I will not allow to touch the panty. After few minutes I just took it and slowly and softly was rubbing the panty on my dick. god I was feeling it was so nice and I was feeling as if I was fucking Pavithra’s pussy. I took a pen on the table and wrote Pavithra’s name on my dick. I love writing the ladies name whom I shag for. I wrote it and then started rubbing the panty again on my dick. took the panty completely on my dick and started stroking my thick dick. now I was out of control and then started the strokes little faster and little more faster and I lost the total control and the strokes became uncontrollably faster. In that moment I slipped the panty on the floor but finally I shot the cum all over my room. I was not able to stop it. I could feel as if I was pissing the cum. It sprayed almost 30seconds. I was unaware that panty was lying on the floor. I was still feeling I had the panty holding and rubbing on dick. I could feel the spray was slowly reducing and then slowly it was into drops. I was squeezing the dick so that I can ooze every drop outside. Now my dick was jumping up and down slowly getting reduced. Now the drops stopped and the last juice coming out was not dropping as my dick had lost its strength and was not able to shoot. The last juice drops where flowing on my dick and I saw Pavithra’s name written on my dick was completely rubbed by the hot cum all over my dick. I could feel my hand was full of cum. Now I realized that panty was not there in my hand and started looking for it. it was lying just below my legs. It was lying as if Pavithra was tired by my hard fucks and had lost strength. Even I was tired, took the panty holding in my hand and fell on the bed closing my eyes, showing my ass cheeks to the ceiling and keeping the panty just near my nose and kept smelling. I was feeling as if I was flying in heaven with the sensual erotic smelling garden.

After few minutes I woke up was feeling so hungry. I was still showing my ass towards ceiling. Never had such spray from my dick. It was all because of the brown panty which was I my control in hand. I got up and saw my kinky dick. it had lost its strength and was lying on the balls. I stretched the panty and saw it. I wanted to feel the panty by wearing it. I just put my legs inside the big holes pulled it tightly to feel the space which covers the small hole of Pavithra under her legs. God it was so soft and it was many days I had worn a panty. I stood near the mirror and was making myself by feeling the panty on my dick and my ass cheeks. Rubbed my dick on the panty for few minutes. I was feeling very hungry. Went to kitchen and served food which my mentor, my guide Rajamma had prepared. I just did a big namaskara to get Pavithra’s panty. Wanted to message her and tell thanks. Why to take chance. What if her husband checks? I don’t know anything about her family. So, I didn’t say anything. But the feel of the panty was so nice. I had food and roamed around the house with the panty only. I was swear damn tired and slept with the panty on me and felt I am fucking Pavithra whole night.

Morning I woke up for the bell rang by Rajamma. I got up wore the shorts and then opened the door. As usual Rajamma saw my shorts to check if my dick is hard. She smiled. She knew its always on. Without speaking anything she went inside and started working I went to bathroom and then brushed and came to kitchen where Rajamma was preparing tea.
Me : Hi Good morning amma
Maid : Good morning sir. How was last night
Me : Ohh my god it was really awesome
Maid : I know you would have enjoyed it completely
Me : Lovely panty. You know my taste and gave me a nice one
Maid : I know what you like and what your taste is so I got that sir
Me : thanks, amma. You are sooo sweet
Maid : where is it sir? Shall I take it now?
Me : I am wearing it amma.
Maid : ohh god you are crazy naughty boy. Have tea
Me : thanks. And I am feeling it’s so nice. You want to see?
Maid : Naughty. You don’t have shame or what?
Me : why should I feel shame?
Maid : I know u won’t feel shame. Every day you welcome me with the big salute
Me : Its common right. As if you have not seen anything
Maid : I have seen many boys. But this kind of kinky boy never seen
Me : ohh is it?
Maid : yes, first time I am actually seeing a guy who wants to wear panty
Me : ohh common amma, many do this
Maid : maybe but I have never come across
Me : ok now tell me you want to see or not
Maid : I am really shy sir
Me : ok your wish. I just thought will give you a free show
Maid : abhaa u and your thoughts. Ok show me but stand far and show me
Me : ohh really why not. Love to do fashion show for you amma
Maid : ok you stand there in hall and show

I was surprised the way she told. I thought she won’t agree. But anyways I wanted to show her how I look in panty. I walked to the hall and removed the shorts and threw it on sofa. Now I was only in panty. I showed her front and also back. My dick is so thick and long, the panty was actually not enough to hold my dick and the balls. Somehow, I controlled myself so that the panty can hold my dick. And also, I spread my legs and showed how I look in panty under my legs as well. she kept her hand on her mouth to say how sexy I look. Now she signaled to say enough. I slowly walked towards the shorts and wore it and came back to kitchen.

Me : How was it amma.
Maid : god I never knew panty on men also look sexy
Me : so, what do you think?
Maid : you really have nice structure. You should have been a girl only
Me : ohh really? Thanks for your compliments.
Maid : my whole body was shivering and I was burring with heat. Naughty
Me : I was feeling so arousing when you were watching.
Maid : Ya I can see that under your legs still on
Me : what to do. I am naturally like that.
Maid : that’s good only
Me : good for whom. For me or for the one who uses it
Maid : for both sir.
Me : but now only I should feel good amma
Maid : don’t worry. You have told me right. You will get Pavithra soon
Me : are you sure?
Maid : let’s see sir. I will try my best
Me : I feel you can do it amma
Maid : ok now give me the panty I have to put it back there
Me : no no please today I want to wear it to office
Maid : ohh you naughty boy. What are you up to?
Me : just want to feel as if I am having Pavithra inside my pant under my legs whole day
Maid : why whole night was not enough?
Me : I was sleeping at that time right
Maid : ohh like that. Ok but tomorrow I need it sir.
Me : don’t worry I will give it back. But you will get one more later
Maid : no no enough only one. I am scared if Pavithra will come to know
Me : ohh but I love to wear it amma
Maid : don’t worry once Pavithra is displaces her panty towards her feet, you can take it by her permission only
Me : but stealing and wearing is so thrill actually
Maid : ya ya but thrill sometime kills naughty boy
Me : I will be careful my desires mentor madam
Maid : how much you speak sir. Ok I won’t guarantee you more panties. But please return this tomorrow.
Me : sure, I promise. I never put anyone in trouble
Maid : ok ok all work done I will leave now.
Me : sure amma. And thanks for the panty
Maid : that’s fine sir. I don’t know why. I feel so nice and like to do whatever you ask.
Me : oh, so nice of you to trust me
Maid : you are really good person sir. You will get everything you dream
Me : Pavithra?
Maid : I will try my best to make your dream come true. Don’t worry. Now I will go.
Me : ok sure bye take care amma

After she left, I went to bathroom and started shagging nicely thinking of how I was aroused when someone watching me with the stolen hot panty. after I unloaded the hot thick creamy cum, I took bath and wore Pavithra’s panty again and got ready. I just wanted to go out with panty on me. Though I had done these many times, that was actually given me by the panty owner only. But this time what I wore was as stolen one. That was making me more aroused. I thought to keep this as memory, I clicked few pics of me wearing panty.

I went to office. Whole day I was trying to roam wherever possible. I just wanted to feel myself that I had worn a beautiful aunty’s panty. I went to rest room as many times I could. Just to see how is it. I was getting so aroused. Couldn’t control and shagged thinking of Pavitra watching me wearing her panty and shagged. Was little tired came out of the restroom and sat at my seat thinking of just for panty only I am getting so aroused for her, imagine how it will be if I get Pavithra. I was thinking still how many days, weeks I need to get Pavithra on my bed and spread her legs and smell that heavenly pussy pot and taste it from my tongue and fuck her till she cries with pleasure pain. The panty was rubbing my thick dick and was making more and more crazy.

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