Confession of cum junkie

My story begins back in the late eighties. I had gotten out of the military with a new wife who was very beautiful and had the sexiest body. She could get out of the shower and just seeing her petite sweet body made my dick hard. She was a Filipino and my family was not very welcoming. They went out of here way to make us feel like we did not belong. We tried not to let there words and deeds but after a while, I could see it bothered my wife and she held me responsible for my family. I worked in the city and it was about 60 miles from my home. One day I got sent home early because of the weather and not too excited to come home and listen to her crap I found myself in an adult bookstore. I went to the back where the booths were there were a few men hanging around in the hallway and I walked past them and opened the door to the booth. I dropped my coins into the machine and started watching the show. There was a hole in the wall between the booths but I had no idea why until suddenly this large cock came through the hole. Just seeing this incredible cock made me horny and I knew I had to have it in my mouth. I began licking and sucking it and enjoying going up and down the shaft with each thrust, I went deeper and deeper until his ball sack was at my chin. I heard the guy say Oh God I can’t believe you can take it all. After a few more strokes I took it all down my throat one more time and he drained his balls he pulled out of my mouth and zipped up and was gone. I put another coin in the machine and there was another cock coming through the hole and again I had to have it.. He didn’t take as long to get off but he shot his load in my mouth and I swallowed it all. This went on 8 or 9 more times and I soon realized I had spent most of my day sucking cock. I stopped at the store and bought some mouth wash so my wife didn’t smell cock or cum on my breath. After a few years she never had a kind word about anything I did and she would come home from work praising her coworker, soon she filed for divorce and married her coworker. After the divorce, I was so devasted that I did not date for 2 years. Then one night on the way home from work I stopped at this res area to pee and when I walked into the bathroom there was a hole in between the stalls and it reminded me of that adult bookstore all those years before and suddenly there was this nice size smooth hard cock and I had to have it. I got him off and before I could get off the toilet there was another. I gave 11 men blowjobs before I went home and had 11 loads of cum in my stomach. I am addicted to sucking cock and swallowing his cum, I can’t stop at one. I just get so charge up after I have sucked a guy off and let him no begged him to cum in my mouth that I have to have several cocks and loads. I guess I am a cum junkie.