Tight Arse

Bianca sat at her desk. The thought that anytime on of three men in the office could call her anytime for sexual favours in their offices.

She wore a short black pencil skirt. White cotton v neck blouse her long hair in a pony tail. Her phone lit up. It was 3 pm. Jeans office. What does he want ? She thought. She got up and straightened herself. She walked to the door and opened it walking in.

” Bianca darling. ” He said sitting in his chair.

” Jean Hi ” she said.

” You look fuckin hot today. ” He said. She stepped over to him standing in front of him.

” Thanks ” she said.

” I here you spent the night at Freds. ” He said.

” Yes. ” She replied.

” You slept with him in his guest room? ”

” Yes. How did you know ? ” She asked.

” I know these things honey. ” He said

” You heard about me and my grandmother. That we are fucking. ” He said.

” Yes. ” She said as he stood up.

” Sit. ” He said. She sat in his chair. He stood in front of her. ” I suppose you heard how it started. ” He said.

” Yes. ” She said.

” What do you think ? ” He replied.

” Well, I’m not judging. ” She said.

” Good, for a old woman shes pretty good to fuck. As long as dad doesn’t find out I’m fucking his mother. Now undo my trousers. I have a surprise for you. ” He said.

” I’ve seen it before. ” She said smiling undoing his belt, undoing his button pulling down his zip. ” Wow. ” She said letting them fall to the floor.

” They were yours. ” He said. Bianca seeing her old g string on Jean. ” I love wearing women’s underwear. So soft and sexy. So hot. ” He said.

” Wow. I never knew ” She said sarcastically

” Take my cock out and suck it. ” He said.

She grabbed it and slid her lips over his knob sucking up and down his shaft.

” Oh yes, your good. ” He said looking at the ceiling. ” I mean grandma is as well she can suck cock well but god you are good. I like ti wear her underwear as well. Grandad loves to watch us. I have full access to Grandma. When ever I want her really. Love watching her suck my cock. Love eating her pussy ”

She licked his shaft stroking it circling his knob sucking up and down his shaft. He reached down grabbing his cock. He grabbed her hair pulling her head back circling his knob over her mouth and nose, slapping it against her cheek.

” You enjoy staying with grandad ? ” He asked.

” Yes. ” She said.

” Good. Grandma enjoyed watching you fuck him. ”

” Good. ” She said. ” I enjoyed it to. ”

” Yeh want to here a secret ? ” Jean said

” Ok. ” She said.

” Hes also fucking the maid and the maid’s mother while the father watches. Gran doesn’t know. ”

” Really. ” She said feeling his knob around her mouth and cheeks as he held her head back.

” Yeh its some payment thing, they are in the country illegally. Grandad brought them over. I’ve heard they are in financial trouble. Grandad paid their debt and brought them over. They still think they cant go home because of money they owe. They know Grandad knows people high up in immigration so one phone call. They will be shipped home to face the people they owed money to. Grandad’s fucking the mother and daughter Mia. Their way of staying in the country. He makes the father watch his wife and daughter been fucked. Cool aye. ” Jean said.

” Fuck. ” She said.

” Remember. Our secret or I tell your husband your antics. Understand bitch. ”

” Yes. ” She said.

” Good girl. ” Jean replied ” Now stand up ”

She stood and he turned her around leaning her over the desk. He unzipped her skirt pulling it down her legs. He pulled down her underwear revealing her arse. He spanked it.

” Ummm. ” She said.

” You have a nice arse. ” He said.

” Thanks. ” She said.

” Spread your legs. ” He said helping her spread them. He rubbed her pussy pushing his fingers in her slowly fingering her.

” Ohh fuck. ” She said. He sat in his chair between her legs leaning in licking her pussy lips and pushing his tongue in her pussy.

” Fuck you taste nice bitch. ” He said licking up to her anus circling her arsehole.

” Fuck ” she said thinking of what Fred said to her. She could say no to anything.

” Had it in this beautiful arse before ? ” He asked.

” Anal ? ” She said.

” Yeh, you had Anal. ” He said.

” No. ” She said.

” Ah a anal virgin. Gran was a anal virgin to, until I started fucking that old pussy ” Jean said smiling. Finger fucking her pussy.

He stood over her leaning over her pulling her hair out the way rubbing his cock on her arse cheek. ” Want to lose your anal virginity. ” He said.

” Don’t know. ” She said.

” Don’t know ? ” He said kissing her neck again ” He moved his knob to her arsehole rubbing her anus.

” No. ” She said.

” Plenty of lube and fingering. It will be fine. ” He said. He stood up squeezing her arse cheeks leaning in spreading them licking her anus. He opened the drawer pulling out lube squeezing it over her anus rubbing it in slowly pushing his thumb it. She jumped. ” Relax. ” He said holding her hips still as he fucked her anus with his thumb.

” No Jean. ” She said.

” Relax ” he said

” Jean no. ” She said as he pushed in two fingers. ” Fuck. ” She said..

” Just fuckin relax. ” He said fingering her arse. He then grabbed his cock and positioned it at her anus circling it and pushed it in her.

” Fuck. ” She said as Jean fucked her arsehole.

He spread her arse cheeks watching his shaft slid in and out of her arse. He held her lower back against the desk as he plunged her.

” Enjoying that ? ” He asked.

” Nnnnnooo ” she said.

” Oh well. I am. ”

” Jerk. ” She said.

” Oh come on, you love it Bianca. ” He said smiling. ” Its such a nice arse. I knew I had ti fuckin fuck it. ” He said

” Rather you fuck my pussy. ” She said.

” That will come. ” He said.

” Shut up. ” He said.

” She lay there letting him fuck her arse gripping her arse cheeks pulling them open as he plunged her. He moaned as he tensed and them cum deep in her arse.

” Yes baby. ” He said.

He pulled out and spanked her.

” Fuck, you cum in my arse. ” She said angrily.

” Now get dressed and get back to work. ” He ordered.

Jean sat back in his chair his cock sticking out from her g string on his body. He got tissues wiping cum from her arse. He watched her pull her knickers up and pull up her skirt. She straightened herself putting her shoes on and walked out the door. She sat and could feel his cum in her arse oozing out into her underwear.

Ten minutes later Jeans new client arrived.

” Mr Badger is here. ” Bianca said on phone line to Jeans office.

A minute later he came out smiling at Mr Badger and winked at Bianca. Who he had just fucked reluctantly up the arse.


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Hi I'm jess 35. I love writing erotica and about sex. I love sex. I am single and never really wanted to settle down in a relationship. I have experienced incest, taboo and group sex. I dont have a problem with incest. I am currently in a sexual relationship with my father and mother as they to love to play with other couples and are active swingers. Its fun joining in as mother father and daughter. It is very very erotic. Its just normal now. I love writing about incest, been involved in it. I am going to share both true story's and fiction. A lot of my stories are true, or based on experiences with other people. I will introduce my true stories at the start. I love sharing my sexual experiences, re living them through writing about them.Happy reading. Love feedback, story ideas etc. Email me [email protected] thanks love to hear from you all.